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Promotional Feature: The Hempire Collective is a Family Affair

The Hempire Collective is a family-owned business built on love. The Porter family created it with one goal in mind: to help all individuals through the healing power of cannabis.

The story of Hempire began when Tai Porter, the youngest brother and son of a close-knit biracial family, was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 kidney cancer in 2014. As one of three brothers enlisted in the Army, he was someone who was a friend to everyone and had an open heart. His mother jokingly called him Peter Pan while his other three brothers, including his twin Tre, were known as the Lost Boys.

As the cancer ate into Tai, his family rallied around him and took solace in the relief that cannabis offered him as his days wound down. It helped with his PTSD and was one of the few things that enabled him to feel normal again. Best of all, it allowed him to travel the world with his loved ones and still experience his life. When he passed away in 2016, the family decided to honor his legacy in a way that would help others.

“Tai was all about love, acceptance, and looking out for people who needed looking out for,” says Mario Porter, Tai’s older brother. “We like to take that approach, not just in business but in the community as well. We are nothing without the community around us, and we know that.”

Recognizing that Tai wanted to live his life to its fullest, they opened the Hempire Collective in 2019 with family investments. Designed to grow high-quality cannabis that adheres to their mantra “A Higher Standard,” they now operate a state-of-the-art Wise Township facility that focuses on quality, not quantity. Keeping their grows small enables them to keep an eye on their consumers and address any needs they may express.

As a military family and Black-owned business, the Porters are especially attuned to the issues that many vets may be experiencing and they are here to help. They are proud of their products and welcome you to try them. Head to their website to learn more about Tai’s story.

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