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Ultra-Tech Printing’s One-Stop Shop

By Sensi Staff
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As the cannabis industry keeps growing and expanding in all directions, it seems that every day presents a new challenge to businesses. The economy is pinching people’s wallets, supply-chain issues seem to be never-ending, and finding and retaining employees has never been harder. To succeed, operators need to continually focus on what makes them stand out to their customers. But as everyone knows, that is easier said than done.

Luckily, one of the biggest roadblocks to dropping a new product – the packaging design and fabrication – can easily be solved. Since 1994 Ultra-Tech Printing, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been turning out some of the best packages in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, giving them the ability to offer their expertise to the emerging cannabis market. Their ultraviolet flexographic printing allows them to produce affordable, environmentally conscious, high-quality packaging. The labels, pouches, and cartons they produce will ensure that your products pop on the shelf.

“UTP has the capability to provide consistency across a brand’s product line due to our ability to produce labels, cartons, and flexible packaging using the same exact print methods,” says Justin Noordeloos, the general manager of Ultra-Tech Printing. “This also eliminates the need to work with 3-4 different supplies since printers commonly have expertise only in one area. Our customers love the fact we can print the labels for their bottles as well as the cartons they go in. It allows them to plan better, lower costs, and reduce supplier inefficiencies.”

As a one-stop shop, they can smoothly usher cannabis companies through the often complicated and confusing process of creating a package for their latest product. And at their size, they can work with brands anywhere in the country with the capacity to accommodate additional business.

It all starts with their in-house graphics department that will guide you on design and color selection to ensure it’s created in a way to meet your packaging goals. From there, the rest of the team will work with you to make sure you understand how the process works and are aware of all the costs upfront with no surprises. UTP would love to add you to their community of customers and help your brand stand out on the shelf!

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