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Zwiski Foundation launches Rescue Soup

By Editorial Staff
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Zwiski Foundation launches Rescue Soup, a feed-the-frontline program for caregivers fighting COVID-19

Zwiski Foundation fights caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue

Rescue Soup is a new program that collects unsold produce and food from local farms & restaurants

Rescue Soup turns that into delicious, nutritious meals for caregivers fighting COVID-19

Denver, COThe Zwiski Foundation, a Colorado non-profit, has launched Rescue Soup, a new program designed to feed the frontline of those fighting COVID-19. Each day volunteers collect unsold produce and food from local farms and restaurants, then turns that into delicious, nutritious meals for caregivers fighting COVID-19. The program was conceived and launched by Eli Katz and Elyse Gordon-Holz. People may find out more about the program by visiting and may donate at

“You canʼt stay healthy if you donʼt eat, and we need caregivers to stay healthy!” – Eli Katz, founder, Zwiski Foundation. 

The stay-at-home order issued by Governor Polis on March 24 caused a significant shift for Denver restaurants, most of whom had to quickly adjust to the change in their customer base. At Rebel Farm, a local producer of premium leafy greens and herbs, the large number of reduced orders created a significant oversupply of produce for Lauren Brettschneider, proprietor. Rebel Farm has a strong commitment to nourishing and strengthening the community and believes in supporting charitable organizations so she reached out to Eli Katz at the Zwiski Foundation to offer her surplus. Serving Others Under Pressure (SOUP!) quickly became a call to action and Rescue Soup was born. 

“Thanks again for the greens! We made soup and shared it with our elderly neighbors who had their family come to be quarantined together.” – Liana Cameris 

The opportunity became clear when a local restaurant decided to close, providing a large quantity of ingredients. Eli turned to Elyse Gordon, owner of Natures Essential Wellness, for her support. Having recently closed her cannabis kitchen after 10 years in business, Elyse got to work coming up with recipes and ways to make the best of the bounty. A mention on NextDoor led to outreach from another local eatery offering to donate soup, salad and support, and the creation of a facebook page led to a large network of people asking how they could get involved. Elyse turned to local hospitals to see if they were interested in participation and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

We were so fortunate to have Noodles and company jump in with a wonderful selection of homemade soups and salad from the Green Valley Ranch location to give to our wonderful health staffers along the way.” – Elyse Gordon-Holz, volunteer 

If you or someone you know owns a restaurant or is looking for a way to be helpful during the pandemic, Rescue Soup accepts volunteers and donations to help Serve Others Under Pressure. The facebook page is located at and people may donate at Questions, concerns and other comments may be emailed to

“Delicious and warmed the cockles of my heart” – Jessica Shymkiw 

Rescue Soup is a program by Zwiski Foundation, a Colorado non-profit. We promote sustainable solutions for fighting caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue. To learn more about us, please visit