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À La Mode Farms’ Dedication to Genetics

By Sensi Staff
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Tulsa native Jimmy Conner, the founder of À La Mode Farms, set a high standard for his cannabis from the day he first planted in 2018, right after cannabis was legalized in Oklahoma. Using some of the most advanced agriculture techniques available, his fully hydroponic medical-grade facility has dug deep into the science behind cannabis to produce some of the finest craft-cannabis plants in the country. 

At À La Mode Farms, they take great pride in their genetics being the best in Oklahoma. Unlike many others, they don’t buy clones. Instead, they painstakingly search out the best genetics for every seed they plant. Their genetic testing locates unique plants that stand out from the rest, and when they find those genetic freaks with the qualities and features they want, they cultivate super-plants.

This genetic search, also called pheno hunting, allows them to look at pools of seed from particular strains where they can identify the exact trait they desire. The seed might stand out for an abundance of trichomes, the coloring of the flowers, the abundance of oils, or terpene profiles. They work hard to choose the best traits from excellent strains. It’s not a simple process but one that pays dividends. 

That’s part of the reason Conner has kept À La Mode Farms as a family operation that values quality over quantity, and they have no desire to become a large commercial grow facility. Every two weeks, flower is hand-harvested and trimmed to ensure the freshest buds go to market. By keeping their footprint small and rigorously focusing on maximizing terpenes and THC content, they ensure that their fans get only the best. The team at À La Mode Farms, dedicated to its pursuit of perfection, adhere to a demanding motto: “Great plants come from great people.” 

Savvy customers will want to find dispensaries that carry À La Mode Farms flower for the simple reason that the best flower comes from the best genetics. And these folks know everything there is to know about their plants. Heck, they even grow them with classical music playing in the background to ensure they are relaxed and thriving. That’s dedication. 

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