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Dime Industries is Sinking Roots into the Heart of Oklahoma

By Sensi Staff
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Dime Industries, the award-winning cannabis brand from California that arrived in late 2020, has decided to put down roots in Oklahoma. Known across the state for their fantastic lineup, including innovative hardware and flavorful strains, they have quickly become Sooner favorites. Dime Industries’ products offer exceptional taste, high terpene profiles, and a memorable high. 

The Industries’ first office and production facility in Oklahoma City, which will serve as state  headquarters, is almost complete. Their team is made up entirely of dedicated ‘Cowboys & Sooners,’ passionate about their mission to bring the finest cannabis products to the state. 

To celebrate their commitment to the Oklahoma market, they are introducing two of their newer and popular products by year’s end. First up is the Concentrates line, featuring extracts crafted from top-shelf, hand-picked, premium flowers. Available in five different consistencies, they offer a premier dabbing/smoking experience loaded with fantastic terpene profiles. Diamonds, Crumble, Badder, Live Rosin, and Sugar all come in elegant one-gram packages offering high flavor and potency with each hit. 

If those aren’t enough, the team will also release a small supply of their popular Limited Edition strain, Pink Lemon Haze! Their Pink Lemon Haze 1000mg all-in-one vape device is perfect for a night out on the town or a get-together with friends. The Pink Kush x Super Lemon Haze live resin-infused distillate greets consumers with a sweet lemonade inhale, followed by traces of raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla on the exhale. The balanced hybrid strain produces energetic and lively notes with powerful body-focused effects. Each device has a pre-heat function and three heat settings, similar to their 4th Generation Battery. Additionally, Pink Lemon Haze has a USB-C charging port.

While Dime Industries is known for its products, they also work tirelessly in the community. The fast-changing cannabis space inspires them to “Think Higher” in ways to serve the modern cannabis consumer. In Oklahoma, their focus on community has led them to provide active support with winter coat drives, veteran support groups, and more. That’s what neighbors in the state do. They strive to make each other’s lives better.

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