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Trulieve’s Cultivar Collection – Power to the Flower

By Sensi Staff
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Thirty thousand. 

That’s the number of seeds Trulieve’s cultivation team grew in its state-of-the-art Massachusetts facility as part of their initial hunt to determine flagship strains in the Bay State. Of those 30,000 seeds, only a handful made it through the team’s rigorous testing process to be introduced to Massachusetts consumers as Trulieve’s premium flower – Cultivar Collection.

Cultivar Collection is Trulieve’s artisan brand of top-shelf cannabis featuring unique genetics, rich in potency and flavor. Grown by Trulieve’s master growers and senior cultivators, the Cultivar Collection represents the elevation of craft cannabis.

Trulieve’s grow rooms for Cultivar are small craft-style setups designed around individual cultivars, allowing each to grow in the ideal environmental setting. All this, combined with state-of-the-art LED lighting, allows the Cultivar Collection flower to achieve its full genetic potential.

Sought-after strains in the Cultivar Collection include:

  • GMO – One of Trulieve’s flagship strains in MA, it’s an uber-gassy hybrid that consistently tests around 30% with 2.5% terps.
  • Banana Bliss – First Place Winner in the flower category of the 2022 Fyre Cup, this indica-leaning hybrid offers sweet banana and citrus aromas.
  • The Goddess – One of Trulieve’s newest sativa strains testing as high as 35%, it’s quickly becoming a staple for cannabis connoisseurs.

Trulieve’s other in-house brands include:

  • Momenta – Trulieve’s staple cannabis line for everyday wellness and overall well-being, the product lineup includes tinctures, nano tinctures, capsules, RSO, and a topical muscle gel. 
  • Sweet Talk – Trulieve’s line of tasty edibles, including craveable chocolates and gummies infused with premium quality cannabis.
  • Muse – Trulieve’s line of premium cannabis concentrates and cartridges. 

In addition to Trulieve’s proprietary brands, customers have access to beloved partner brands such as Bhang, Blue River, O.pen, Puffco, and Firefly, with exciting new brands launching on a regular basis. Trulieve was also the first to offer clones in the Massachusetts market and will be releasing their Clones Menu for Spring/Summer 2023 in March.

Visit Trulieve dispensaries in Framingham, Northampton, or Worcester, and follow @trulieve_MA on social to stay up to date on the latest launches and events!

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