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OTTO by Banana Brothers

By Sensi Staff
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OTTO is the world’s first smart automatic milling device and was designed to mill your flower as opposed to grinding it. We recognize that the growers devote a lot of their time to their yield and in return we invest our hard-earned money to buy their harvest, so why not make the most of it! 

OTTO is designed with a spring-loaded bottom chamber that allows it to adjust to whatever sized nugs you place within it! So as opposed to smashing and forcing your flower to fit a space it is not designed to fit, OTTO will adjust accordingly. OTTO’s milling plates are also designed with sharp edges to cut your flower down layer by layer rather than mashing and smashing your flower damaging your cannabinoids. The smart technology allows OTTO to sense the resistance it gets from your flower. As the device is operating, if it senses any resistance… it will know to automatically increase the torque of the motor. But if the device senses no resistance, say from a dryer and less sticky strain… then it will keep the motor power to a minimum torque. 

Aside from the awesome milling device that it is, OTTO does come with an O-Tube accessory which allows the users to mill and fill a cone at the touch of a button. As you are minimizing the oxidation process as well as utilizing material that would normally be lost during the transferring from a hand grinder to rolling paper… you are getting the freshest, fullest cone experience possible!

This device was especially designed with medical patients in mind. These users may suffer from ailments such as arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. As many of these mature members prefer natural medication over concentrates, Banana Brothers wanted to help offer a solution when it came to the tedious task of making a cone.

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