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Country Cannabis is Supporting the Local Team

By Sensi Staff
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In the crowded cannabis market that’s now thriving across Oklahoma, one company has quickly risen to the top, establishing itself and its multiple brands as some of the best cannabis products you can buy. Meet Wilburton-based, Country Cannabis.

Founded in 2019 by fourth-generation Oklahomans who were dedicated to delivering only the finest medical cannabis and CBD-derived products, Country Cannabis soon began to expand its portfolio of products to help consumers manage everything from illness to injury. Grateful users welcomed those products and quickly elevated Country Cannabis as a brand to trust.

Today, Country Cannabis’ stable of brands is impressive: Weedsy provides high-quality, small-batch-infused cannabis in a convenient pre-roll format; Chronic Buds offers some of the purest cannabinoid isolations on the edible market; and Baked Bowwow peanut butter dog treats gives CBD relief to an often-overlooked segment, your fur babies.

Sublime and BLVK are two of Country Cannabis’ more exciting offerings. Sublime’s primary focus is edibles; you have to try the infamous Lemon Tea Cake. In contrast, BLVK is an ultra-premium cannabis brand that provides a unique and exquisite high to consumers. The Alchemist vape line is made from high-grade distillates with a full terpene profile for customers looking for one of the finest vape products on the market.
Perhaps Country Cannabis’ most exciting brand is Native Nations Cannabis. Owned by the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, Native Nations Cannabis is grown in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility that houses over 65 strains.

This growth led Country Cannabis to do something that a cannabis brand had never done before—become a corporate sponsor of a professional sports team, the Tulsa Oilers. It’s part of the company’s plan to introduce cannabis to the broad market. Educating the public about cannabis will help destigmatize the plant while also sharing the medicinal and healing nature of one of nature’s gifts.

“It’s surreal to see our logo in the Ice at the BOK Center in Tulsa,” says Lisa Pyatt, CMO of Country Cannabis. “Having equality in advertising feels like a huge win for cannabis. Plants are real medicine. People should not fear social ridicule because they choose a plant-based remedy.”

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