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By Sensi Staff
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Consumers continue to be focused on finding the healthiest pathway possible for their cannabis, and the edible market exploded in popularity, with the demand higher than ever before. DŌSD NanoBites, created in 2017 by the award-winning team at Concentrate Supply Co.(CSC) and Nomad Extracts, has developed a chewy, traditional style gummy with absorption beginning the instant one is popped into a mouth or chewed.

Based in the Mile High State (Colorado), these delicious brightly colored NanoBites contain water-soluble cannabinoid nanoparticles (yes, it is a mouthful). These delightful treats bypass the traditional manner that other edibles follow, that is, metabolizing fat-soluble cannabinoids through the liver. The water-soluble cannabinoids in NanoBites begin absorption into the system with the first chew with a full onset within thirty minutes or less. The increased bioavailability also means the body absorbs and utilizes more cannabinoids compared to fat-soluble edibles. No more significant delay in effects—one of the most popular complaints people had was the uneven or inconsistent effects offered by different edible products currently available in dispensaries.

“We knew the market needed a traditional, chewy gummy made with high-quality ingredients, great taste, and fast absorption as opposed to the consistency & taste of a standard pectin-based fruit chew,” says Kyle Williams, Vice President of Brand Development for DŌSD Edibles.

They come in a wide range of flavors at hundreds of retail and medical locations throughout the state. Current flavors include Mixed Fruit, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Piña Colada, Raspberry 1:1, and Black Cherry 1:1. Additional flavors are set to launch this summer and include Guava, as well as a mixed pack of both Peach & Mango. The most popular dosage is a 50mg piece, with a total of 1000mg per bag—although this is a medical-only dosage, recreational consumers will feel the same quick, potent effects provided by the 10mg NanoBites found at your local dispensary.

DŌSD NanoBites have the consistency and chewiness of your favorite grocery store brands you’ve grown to love… but with a THC twist. NanoBites are currently available at licensed dispensaries in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

DŌSD NanoBites