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There is a growing understanding that the person is a holistic being - mind, body, and spirit - thriving in harmony with the greater ecology of our living planet... ...
By Eugenia Merkoulov
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New Holistic Eugenia

    We are living in a magnificent time when the discoveries of the modern day loudly echo the wisdom of the ancients and humanity stands on the edge of a great potential previously reserved for myth and fiction. This new frontier of the human experience emerges, as they often do, while the ideas that have been propelling our current systems and structures are under social scrutiny, and people are once again thirsty for a deepened understanding of existence. The age-old question – what is the meaning of life? – dances at the forefront of the collective subconscious. As we seek answers across various disciplines and communities, we begin to see a pattern emerge: there is a growing understanding that each person is a holistic being – mind, body, and spirit – thriving in harmony with the greater ecology of our living planet. We can look at numerous examples of how this new perspective shift is up-leveling what it means to be human. But first, let’s rewind a few decades as I let you in on my perspective.

I was raised in a home that practiced a holistic approach to wellness rooted in an understanding of the body as an expression of natural rhythms. It was the early 90s, and I was four years old when my family immigrated from Ukraine, my mother bringing with her traditional healing wisdom passed down through multiple generations of medicine women. My occasional childhood ailment never warranted a trip to the doctor as everything was treated successfully with herbs and special foods, and it was common for family, friends, or members of the community to visit for remedies and wellness advice. Though at the time I was aware that this was not the Western norm, it was my norm. And though I was young, I could tell that the way we approached health and healing in my home was greatly effective. 

That foundation took on its own trajectory. My personal and professional journeys wove these early elements together with new and deepened understandings of individual and collective wellness, spirituality, and ecology. Now, well into my thirties and having spent most of my adult life in holistic wellness and environmental work, I look back in awe at the major mindset shift that has evolved over the last twenty years. When it comes to mindful living, what was once considered fringe, counterculture, or just plain ‘weird’ is now at the forefront of cultural conversation.

     While at the turn of the millennium, one might have found a reference to the chakra system in the new age section, bestsellers on yoga and Ayurveda are now displayed at the front entrance of bookstores. Organic farming, once dismissed as hippie stuff, is in mainstream demand like never before. After nearly a hundred years of prohibition, doctors are now openly prescribing cannabis to treat illnesses. Herbal mocktails can be found alongside alcohol-based cocktails in popular bars and restaurants. Corporate offices are sending their employees on wellness retreats. And the list goes on! 

     Though times of great change come with challenges, I say that we can celebrate the developments happening on the cutting edge. Here, outdated approaches are being replaced with new solutions rooted in holistic thought and sustainable action.  I invite you to explore these topics with me as we journey through the many facets of this collective awakening. As humanity integrates scientific understanding with inner knowing and individual wellness with planetary wellness, we are slowly but surely opening our eyes to our greater potential to thrive, create, and lead fulfilling lives.  Enjoy the ride!


Eugenia is a fifth generation herbalist rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Slavic Medicine and Ayurveda. Her original foundation in holistic wellness was passed on to her through wisdom held by the medicine women of her family going back many generations. This flourished into a lifelong study of worldwide plant medicine wisdom, from spiritual to clinical. In her work with plants and people, Eugenia hopes to inspire this ancient relationship to flourish in the modern world. 

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