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Creating the life of your dreams is an inner and outer game. It requires you to address your internal mindset and external actions...
By Maria Shapley
Photo Courtesy - Bob Jorek 
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Photo Courtesy - Bob Jorek 

Creating the life of your dreams is an inner and outer game. It requires you to address your internal mindset and external actions, both the inner and outer aspects of your being. 

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize and release old narratives and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. These stories, often deeply rooted in past experiences or societal conditioning, can hold you back from realizing your full potential. Our most susceptible years of programming are from birth to age 7. During those years, our brain waves are, for the most part, in theta and delta states, which makes children like a sponge for learning.  These years are when we adopt many behaviors and beliefs that we carry on into our adult experience of the world. Through intuitive coaching, you can identify the root cause of these limiting beliefs then clear them, heal from them, and transform.

Simultaneously, taking care of your physical well-being is paramount. Your body is the home of your soul, the vessel through which you experience this life. Prioritizing your health includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, good rest, and self-care. This is imperative to living your best life!

In addition to physical health, cultivating positive habits that you can implement is key. These habits can include daily rituals such as meditation, journaling, gratitude practice, reading, and connecting to the light.  Connecting to the light simply means connecting to source energy and imagining light coming through you, to help you stay centered and connected to your intuition. A basic daily routine could include waking up and doing a gratitude practice, drinking alkaline water, stretching, and meditating, for example.

Furthermore, aligning your thoughts with your desired outcomes is a powerful practice in manifestation. Your thoughts have a profound impact on your reality, shaping the way you perceive the world, influencing your choices, and what you attract to you. According to quantum physics, we are energy and so are our thoughts. When you think a thought, that emits a specific frequency, where you will draw similar frequencies or external events to you. 

Creating your dream life requires you to take action. For instance, if you want to win the lottery, you can dream of winning the lottery and visualize it, but you have to take action and go buy the lottery ticket. Getting in the game of your life requires you to face your fears and embrace some discomfort. The payoff is more rewarding than you could ever even imagine.

Maria Shapely

Maria Shapley is the intuitive healer and coach for high achieving performers who want to release blocks and achieve their dreams. Trained in intuition, mediumship, energy healing, shamanic psychology, acting and buteyko breathing.  

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