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Zenoa Cannabis’ Love of the Hunt

By Sensi Staff
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One thing that sets Zenoa apart from many cannabis companies out there is its unmatched drive for improvement. This has led to a focus on making its products better, not necessarily bigger as many other brands have done. That ethos stems from founder David Zanon’s desire to elevate the highs that cannabis can aim for these days.

When Zanon started in the cannabis industry in 2008, the typical trappings that consumers have come to expect today didn’t exist. Multiple strain selections, terpene profiles, cannabinoid testing, and friendly budtenders were only dreams. The goal then was to produce a consistent flower, something the market desperately needed. But when medical cannabis laws passed in Colorado and California, Zanon’s home state, he realized that one day the country would embrace cannabis for all its healing properties.

Dedicating every spare moment to the cause, he and several friends, many of whom are now industry-leading growers, continually experimented with the plant. Their goal was to create the best cannabis possible. Many of their strains are now world famous. Luckily for Oklahomans, Zanon has relocated to our state, and Zenoa Cannabis is his gift to his new home. The brand’s recently opened state-of-the-art facility has an entire flower room dedicated to hunting genetics and is running through hundreds of seeds bred by himself and several other breeders. This will create an ever-revolving door of new genetics to enter its production rooms and allows Zenoa to drop limited batches of new fire every month. Be on the lookout for genetics from Exotic Genetics, Fresh Coast Seed Co, 3rd Coast Seeds, Compound Genetics, Ethos, Altvm Genetics, Jimbo Slice, and many Zenoa in-house lines.

Just in time for summer, Zenoa is debuting a live rosin line. It will offer almost all of its most popular varieties in live hash forms for dabbing and easy-to-use discreet pens. Zenoa always washes and presses the flower in-house, so you will know that, when you’re buying Zenoa rosin, you’re getting some of the most premium-sourced hash in the state. Zenoa is especially excited to wash varieties like GMO, Kush Mints, and Ice Cream Cake, to name a few.

So, if you’re looking for a product from one of the OGs of the cannabis industry, head over to Zenoa Cannabis and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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