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Elevated Roots is Opening Cannabis Up to Everyone

By Sensi Staff
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For too many people, especially those new to cannabis use, stepping inside a dispensary can be intimidating. There is the security screen to pass, a dizzying array of products, and a staff hemmed in behind a counter firing off lingo that can be tough to follow. It’s enough to make some people wonder why they came in the first place.

Breaking down those barriers is the driving passion behind Elevated Roots. You feel immediately at ease when you step foot in the Kingstone dispensary. That is because the team behind it is focused on changing the shopping experience for all cannabis users.

Smiling faces greet you the moment you step onto its sleek and welcoming showroom floor, one that feels like a cannabis version of the local Apple store. Six large display tables display their wares, and each is broken down into an easy-to-understand system that highlights the products within. As you walk around looking at some of the finest pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and flower, all produced in Massachusetts, you can take your time to really understand what is offered.

As you roam the sales floor, the large and knowledgeable team of budtenders is quick to offer help as needed. Each carries a linked tablet loaded with the answers to any question you may have. There are none of the giant television screens that dominate other dispensaries. They ensure that each customer, from the most experienced to the newest, will choose the right product for their needs.

Once you have selected the items you want, staff sends the order to the nearby checkout counter, where it is accurately filled and packaged. Before you pay, they will take the time to review everything and answer any questions that may still remain. If there is anything else you want, the counter team can easily add it to your order.

After walking out of Elevated Roots, you realize how enjoyable your shopping experience was and wonder why everyone doesn’t follow their lead. It only makes sense.

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