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Verne Bioanalytics Helps Cultivators Pinpoint Gender

By Sensi Staff
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If you are a home cannabis grower, then you intimately understand the focus, hard work, and passion it takes to produce healthy plants with great buds. Working with a limited number of plants, the home cultivator often spends the first months after planting hoping for an optimal number of female plants that will grow to mature adults. For a long time, growers have had to pull the males and hope their next batch of plants would fill the gap. 

It is a waste of time, money, and effort that can be avoided nowadays thanks to the team at the Scientific Cell Company. A master distributor and solutions development partner for novel onsite analytical testing, based in central Long Island, New York, they have recently entered the cannabis industry with a simple-to-use solution. Their sixty years of experience offer home growers professional solutions that would fit with any commercial grow operation. 

Scientific Cell offers the i-Test from Verne Bioanalytics for home growers to solve their own personal battle-of-the-sexes problem. An easy-to-use, high-quality plant genetic or pathogen testing kit, it is a must-have for any grower. By being able to identify the sex of any sproutling you can quickly make decisions the moment the first cotyle leaf arrives, thereby avoiding weeks and weeks of wasted time. Besides helping growers identify a plant’s sex, the same technique can also allow on-site tests for Hops Latent Viroid (HpLVd). 

By bringing their professionalism into the cannabis space, Scientific Cell Company is hoping to promote the development and health of the growing cannabis industry across the country. Their vice president, Evan Friedman, is a member of several cannabis chemistry organizations, including AOAC CASP, which sets performance requirements and official methods for analytical testing labs, and the Educational Steering Committee for the Cannabis Science Conference. Friedman’s passion for the industry is helping to drive it forward. 

So, if you are looking to make your home growing a little easier and achieve higher yields, reach out to Scientific Cell Company for the i-Test. Make sure to mention this promo code SensiXY10 to receive a discount.

Happy growing.  

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