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Smokin’ Dispensaries is Designing the Perfect Space

By Sensi Staff
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Smokin’ Dispensaries, a cannabusiness consulting firm, helps its clients enter the cannabis market the right way. Working from day one to help craft an ideal operation from dream to reality, this seven-year-old company has helped many cannabis-based businesses succeed. Based in Rhode Island, they have built over fifty dispensaries in eleven states, as well as numerous grow facilities of varying sizes.

The company began by offering custom millwork to cannabis dispensaries and grew organically into a full-service cannabis consulting business. They are a single hub for cannabusiness needs from inception to sale, consulting with companies at every growth stage. By working closely with their clients, they offer expert advice on refining a vision into a solid working plan that has discernable steps and overcomes many of the obstacles that often arise. Smokin’ Dispensaries helps clients build a profitable cannabusiness and avoid time-consuming, expensive mistakes.

“Having seven years of solid experience in the cannabis business allows us to make the best decisions for our clients,” says Rick Granoff, the CEO of Smokin’ Dispensaries.

The key is to bring in a wide array of in-house strategic partners and follow three crucial phases to support clients throughout their journey.

The first phase is to define the client’s vision and create a detailed roadmap of how to achieve it. Then they move into the second phase, designing and building a space customized to the client’s needs. In phase two, understanding all the drivers behind getting a cannabusiness up and running is critical. Smokin’ Dispensaries has a wide array of in-house strategic partnerships, ranging from funding to construction to security, that ensures a client’s vendor procurement is seamless and creates the best team to support their operation.
The relationship doesn’t end when their client launches. The third and final phase provides their clients with continued access to the resources and key strategic partnerships needed to grow their business. Access to these resources drives vertical integration, wholesale operations, and future acquisition strategies.

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Architectural and interior design by Nature’s Medicines, Retail License held by Nature’s Medicines

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