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Cannatini’s High Concept Edibles

By Sensi Staff
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As legal cannabis continues to gain widespread acceptance, one product category is particularly effective at bridging the gap with those who never thought they’d be “cannabis people.” That category is edibles. From chocolates and gummies to more exotic concoctions of seltzers and ice cream, more and more consumers are entering the world of cannabis 5mg at a time via their favorite infused confections. Today it seems that for every hard-core flower smoker, there’s now a dedicated edibles lover!

And it’s easy to understand why. As the market matures, the demand for edibles is being met with a variety of flavors tailored to the adult palate. Moreover, as their comfort level and knowledge increase, modern edibles aficionados are searching out options that also provide different effects curated for their lifestyles. It’s not uncommon nowadays for people to rely on Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) formulas in their edibles for daytime or nighttime use, perhaps with a bit of CBD mixed in for good measure.

One company at the forefront of this edible evolution is Cannatini. Their line of small-batch infused adult chews is composed entirely of flavors inspired by mixed drinks – perfect for positioning them as a distinctly adult-oriented offering. With flavors like Cranberry Lime Mojito and Spicy Strawberry Margarita, Cannatini sets the standard for how a sophisticated gummy should taste.

“We have a really talented team of confectioners,” says Shelby Griebel, VP of Manufacturing at Northeast Alternatives, Cannatini’s parent company. “We challenged them to come up with unique, bold, and layered flavors. What they accomplished speaks for itself.”

But it isn’t enough anymore to just make a delicious gummy. That’s why, a year after their initial launch, Canntini took their entire line a step further by pairing those flavors with specific effects. Infused with full spectrum, cannabis-derived extract, consumers can now enjoy a sativa formula Tropical White Sangria gummy before hitting the gym and unwind on the couch afterward with a Sour Grape Sangria gummy infused with indica FSE.

“We’re going to keep pushing the boundaries and offering our customers new flavors and effects,” continues Griebel. “As this industry evolves, we’ll be right there leading the way.”

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