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Dime Industries’ Cannabis for Connoisseurs

By Sensi Staff
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From the moment Dime Industries was founded in Southern California in 2016, it has been committed to being one of the leading cannabis brands available. It’s safe to say it has been quite successful, racking up awards from a veritable who’s who in the cannabis industry. High Times, Kushstock, Weedcon, Haze Cup, and many others have all bestowed honors upon Dime’s products. Now, with its recent entry into Oklahoma, people in the Sooner State can partake in its fantastic lineup of vape pens.

Artfully crafted, these vapes boast a sleek, elegant look, with a smooth, white body crowned by a gold mouthpiece that skillfully hides the cutting-edge innovation and technology inside each pen.

Dime Industries’ patented zero-waste atomizer elevates its pens to a different level and ensures that users will be wowed with each draw. It’s crafted from food-grade glass and stainless steel, with two inverted ceramic plates that evenly heat distillates to ensure the entire terpene profile is available and not cooked off as it is by other products. Each puff comes out full and smooth with no off-putting tastes or cooked flavors.
You’ll want that because the 10 Signature Line flavors are made from pure cannabinoids, with 100 percent of the solvent being separated out by a wiped film-distillation method. Terpenes extracted from cannabis strains and natural fruits are then introduced to the refined cannabinoids, creating something that will both deliver a memorable high and fantastic taste.

To ensure consumers are getting what they want, Dime Industries puts every product it creates through vigorous lab testing procedures and vetting by cannabis connoisseurs to ensure that they meet the high standards the brand has set for itself since day one. Dime even posts the results online to ensure transparency.

A powerful 4.2V high-capacity battery comes with all Dime Industries’ 510 thread cartridges. Pair that up with one of its 1,000mg tanks, and you will be able to enjoy one of the best experiences on the market. Each Signature Line flavor is also available in 600mg disposables specially designed for convenience that will help you to “think higher.”

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