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Eastern Cannabis welcomes everyone that comes through our doors and strives to make dispensary visits simple and easy...
By Sensi Staff
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What is the name of your business and when did you start?

Eastern Cannabis Company is a family-owned joint that recently opened on Route 1N in Malden, MA. As a North Shore-based crew, we decided to follow our interest in cannabis culture and were thrilled to join the industry with our first recreational dispensary in a brand-new building in May 2023.

Where can people find you / your products / your service? (location, online, email or social media?)

Eastern Cannabis is located on Route 1 in Malden on your way heading north out of Boston, right next to Kappy’s and Glenn’s Roast Beef. Check out our website at to explore our menu, and don’t forget to follow our Instagram at EasternCannabisCoMA.

How many employees does your company have?

We currently employ about 20 people from our nearby communities and are excited to expand our team as we grow and open additional locations.

What services or products do you offer?

In order to meet the needs of our diverse customers, Eastern offers several different ordering options. Using our website is a convenient way to have your order ready for you to arrive. You can also order in-store using one of our quick self-service kiosks or by speaking with one of our Budtenders.
We proudly offer simple, everyday, low, prices to avoid the frustration of ever-changing deals. Customers are also invited to sign up for the ECC VIP Club which unlocks extra perks and event updates!

What was your mission or purpose at the start of your company?

Eastern’s owners, Scott Moore, Steve Selby, and Joe Selby have 20 years in retail ownership, and owned and operated local Kappy’s Fine Wines & Spirits. We have a passion for providing an exceptional shopping experience, and a gratifying workplace.

What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

We saw that the cannabis industry was missing locally owned, locally minded stores, and felt that we could be the ones to provide that for our community. It was a challenge, but we’ve really enjoyed the research and preparation in the process.

Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

We understand the importance of working in and with our local community. Eastern Cannabis welcomes everyone that comes through our doors and strives to make dispensary visits simple and easy. We understand that having a retail cannabis license is a privilege and have therefore built our store with the highest regard to safety, security, and compliance.

Does your business give back to your community?

The family that owned and operated Kappy’s for the last 80 years truly understands the meaning of supporting local businesses and the community and has brought that same energy to Eastern Cannabis. We value providing employment opportunities for those in our surrounding area so we can contribute to improving the local community’s economy and culture. We’ve also teamed up with MassCultivatED in sponsoring many valuable programs. We also give back to our local and surrounding communities through staff volunteer efforts, and by simply being a good neighbor.