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B&K Cultivation

Their products can be found in numerous dispensaries across Oklahoma...
By Sensi Staff
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B&K Cultivation was founded summer of 2021 by Brandon and Kara.  Their products can be found in numerous dispensaries across Oklahoma, and you can find us on Facebook and Instagram @bkcultivation1 and @bk.budsdispo. We specialize in small batch flower production focusing on quality instead of quantity.

Our “Why” is very unique.  Cofounder, Kara was diagnosed with stage 3c colorectal cancer in 2018 at the young age of only 28 years old.  Brandon, Kara, and her devoted family searched for the best cancer centers across the nation.  Kara’s original treatments and surgeries were performed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.  After numerous rounds of chemo, radiation therapy, and surgery to remove her rectum & sigmoid colon, she was hit again with more unwelcome news – the cancer had spread to both lungs.  To this day Kara still battles cancer in both her lungs and in her spine.  She is now on a clinical trial at OU Stephenson Cancer and undergoes treatment every other week.

While she was undergoing radiation therapy on her colon, she was introduced to cannabis to help her sleep & for pain management. Kara and Brandon worked with an RSO coach and were able to start a dosing plan to keep Kara comfortable and enjoying life again.  The RSO changed her life.  She was sleeping, and managing pain more efficiently.  They became passionate about this plant and started doing nonstop research.  Kara had already been running a popular blog called “Chemo with Kara” that helped cancer patients in her situation and brought awareness of colorectal cancer in hopes young adults would listen to their bodies and not ignore the early warning signs.  Through her blog and in person, people could physically see the difference in Kara after a few months on RSO.  She went from being an extremely sick stage 4 cancer patient to attending events where if you did not know she had cancer, you would have never guessed.  Naturally, other patients wanted to know what she was doing. 

Brandon & Kara became so passionate about the benefits of cannabis that they decided to start B&K Cultivation.  In February 2023 they opened their own dispensary, B&K Buds Dispensary, located at 13325 N. MacAurthur Blvd, OKC.  Their goal for their dispensary is to not only provide patients with some of the best medicine on the market today, but also provide a cancer program to potentially give all cancer patients the medicine they need at cost or for a penny.