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Dab & Go

We have become the epitome of a hash lover’s wet dream...
By Sensi Staff
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Since opening our doors in September 2019, we have become the epitome of a hash lover’s wet dream! The benefits of consuming clean, quality hash are immeasurable in our minds and with that, you can expect a wellness upgrade through proper vaporization.

What services or products do you o­ffer?

We carry an elite level of hash rosin. We carry premium flowers from the same growers running our solventless batches. We are known for our ability to procure the finest terps for our patients. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hash connoisseur you will make yourself at home with our variety.

We currently carry over 200 Rosin options in many varying sizes! We are known for our 3.5g Jars/ Zip Jars/ our focus on hash rosin. We have the largest selection of the Divine Collection & Skunk products.

Where can people ‑ and your products?

Our OG Dab & Go on the Southside (5 SE 89th St OKC 73149) as well as our newest location in Edmond (37 W 15th Edmond, 73034).

How many employees do you have?

Currently six in the fam! Ramon, Kolton, Shelby, Dillon, Autymn, and Cody. Each of our staff provides a unique skill set to our business. Their dedication and knowledge of each crucial part of the production process stand alone. These intellectuals are the best part of our establishment.

Many of the products we carry have been harshly examined by the group before ever reaching our patients. We take pride in creating memorable experiences for the heads of Oklahoma and that’s what we will continue to do.

What is your company’s mission?

In short, 100% GAS NO MIDS. Our mission is to change the way patients view quality. We wish to educate our patients with information that will positively enhance their lives. It is our responsibility to serve the dabbers of Oklahoma.

What made you start a company in this industry?

The need for a heady shop in Oklahoma became very apparent when the majority of stores did not carry any hash at all. No bubble. No Moroccan. NOTHING. Dab & Go was created with one thing in mind: to serve a very small subculture of the cannabis market that prefers connoisseur-grade products. At that time there was very little awareness of these incredible products.

The market we see four years later has largely changed its focus onto concentrates and Dab & Go is proud of its contribution to the market.

How would you describe your workplace culture?

Our ability to engage with the culture is empowered by our connectedness as a family. The commitment to these staff to serve the community is reinforced by our personality types. Each of us has a desire to help and to create lasting partnerships with each person who enters a Dab & Go.

What makes your business important to the community?

We are service-oriented and, as our society leans into more of a “self-checkout” mentality, we wish to provide a transparent and loving experience each time you snag some hash. Our track record in the community stands alone.

How does your business give back to your community?

We host four to six large seshes per year to give back to our people! We give away pounds of hash in the spirit of love. You won’t find a more giving organization in OKC. Sharing the best things in life is what we aim to do. We work with many organizations that aid in the rehabilitation of felony cannabis offenders in Oklahoma. Everyone makes mistakes; how can we empower one another to make more beneficial decisions? That’s the aim of Dab & Go: to make more informed choices on what you put into your body and how you treat others.

What are three things you wish customers knew about you?

We want them to know how fiercely loyal we are to the hash heads. We take pride in every product we sell. Very rarely will you find a store with the same values.

Describe your perfect customer.

The sheer relief one receives from properly consuming hash is unmatched. The perfect customer is one who is tired of smoking mids. We receive referrals from a large number of dispensaries in the state when their patients are looking for unique solventless products.

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Dab & Go expansion. The heads of Oklahoma need a Dab & Go in every city! We are doing our best to create locations on the most active sides of the state. No more driving an hour for good hash!

Each of us have a desire to help and to create lasting partnerships with each person who enters a Dab & Go.