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Dadirri’s Herbal Blended Pre-Rolls

By Sensi Staff
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Dadirri is a family-owned and operated lifestyle brand dedicated to bridging the gap between people, nature, and cannabis. Dadirri products are all designed with the consumer in mind. They include premium cannabis that is sustainably and locally sourced, as well as high THC products.

Velvet Roots is a small batch online CBD apothecary located in Denver, CO creating wild botanical and CBD products for medicinal, self-care and ritual purposes. Specializing in CBD and herbal smoke blends that are curated with specific intentions and everyday stressors in mind

Dadirri and Velvet Roots Apothecary have collaborated to launch a beautiful botanical-infused line unlike any other on the market today, offering three distinct and intentional herbal blends mixed with top-shelf cannabis, resulting in a carefully curated blend. The product strives to stand out from the crowd by being made with the utmost love, respect, and intention.

The Botanicals line includes three blends for each time of day – morning, daytime, and evening. Each blend has been carefully and intentionally created to promote wellness and to be consumed in moderation.

The three blends are named after moods to match times of day, such as Align (morning), Thrive (daytime), and Soothe (evening/nighttime). Each has its own distinct herbal and cannabis pairing and comes in a convenient package—0.5-gram pre-rolls made from unbleached bamboo paper.

Customers can experience the euphoric effects and benefits of the infused cannabis and herbs with just a few puffs.

Align stimulates the senses, relieves tension, and sharpens the mind with mullein, marshmallow leaf, and other light-foundation herbs beneficial to the respiratory system. Its holy basil improves concentration, mood, and overall well-being. It is a peppermint-flavored afternoon refresher for the mind and body combined with a high-quality sativa strain.

Thrive is made for hikers and is ideal for connecting with nature. Lung-opening herbs include mullein, marshmallow leaf, and yerba santa. Skullcap relieves tension and worry, while hawthorn promotes heart health. Rose-flavored to promote love and inner peace, it is combined with a top-shelf hybrid cannabis strain.

Soothe is a soothing nighttime blend to relax the heart, mind, and body. Damiana is used to relax the nervous system, while holy basil and passionflower aid in the natural sleep of a hyperactive mind. Its skullcap benefits the nervous system, and the lavender flavoring promotes restful sleep by relaxing mind and body. This herbal blend includes a premium indica strain for sleep.

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