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Dialed In…Gummies

By Sensi Staff
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In April 2020, rosin-infused edibles were few and far between in Colorado dispensaries. Much of the cannabis industry was comfortable pushing distillate-based edibles into the market despite rosin concentrates gaining in popularity. Dialed In…Gummies knew there was a void to fill.

Dialed In’s mission was simple: create a rosin-based gummy that takes advantage of a cleaner extraction process to produce edibles that use the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available. While the health risks of consuming solvent-based distillates are debatable, one fact about the extraction process is not: It strips the plant of the terpenes that gives cannabis its flavors and aromas.

Although many cannabis products come with a THC percentage, most disregard providing info about terpenes and lesser known cannabinoids (like CBG and THC-V). Since all terpenes and cannabinoids play a factor in a consumer’s experience, it’s important for Dialed In to let its customers know what they are consuming.

“We wanted our consumers to know what they are consuming and where it comes from,” says Keith Portman, co-owner and VP of Marketing and Technology. “So, we provide a terpene report, cannabinoid report, cultivator info, suggested use, and hashmaker notes accessible via a QR code on the back of every batch.”

Every batch also includes new and unique artwork, yet another reason for a loyal and ever-growing fanbase, who are responsible for Dialed In dropping almost 1000 recreational and medical gummy batches with over 80 growers and rosin producers in over 400 Colorado dispensaries.

As Dialed In continues to grow throughout the state, they also continue to innovate. This summer they released a line of infused simple syrups called Dialed In…Liquid Gummies for use in coffees and other beverages. “We didn’t want to be your favorite beverage. We wanted to be your favorite beverage enhancer,” says Portman.

Dialed In’s success in Colorado has garnered notice throughout the country and often leads to out-of-staters asking when they will expand outside the state. While they are not planning any moves yet, chances are the ‘gummy gang’ will soon bring their products and refreshing transparency to more than just Coloradans.

Dialed In… Gummies
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