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Adilas Offers Simple High-Tech Solutions for Cannabis

By Sensi Staff
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One of the most important decisions any business owner can make is choosing the right point-of-sale system, especially anyone in the cannabis industry. While not as exciting as working on a fresh strain or dreaming up a new package, effectively tracking your business’s financial aspects under one platform is crucial. It can eliminate regulatory issues, ensure inventories are correct, and, most importantly, save money for your business.

Colorado-based Adilas offers an all-inclusive cloud-based POS software system that can be specifically tailored to each user, yet is flexible enough to adapt to any changes. Adilas provides clients with a wide array of detailed data, enabling cannabis businesses to understand all the financial nuances of their business quickly.

Part of what makes it so unique is its broad reach. Founded by three passionate individuals who wanted to create the ultimate software tracking solution for businesses, the Adilas system is used in a wide variety of industries. By drawing on a broad range of experiences, they have been able to design the perfect POS system for cannabis. 

Combining production and cultivation software into one cloud-based platform offers a one-stop shop that works in large, vertically integrated seed-to-store businesses, or in any single retail shop. While Adilas’ METRC API Integration and Automation helps clients with compliance and reporting issues, the built-in CPA software provides accounting functions, such as income and expense reporting, tax filing, employee management, and payroll. All without relying on additional third-party solutions, such as QuickBooks or Gusto.

Recognizing the struggles many cannabis businesses face in the burgeoning e-commerce space due to the ever-changing regulatory environment, Adilas offers a built-in e-commerce solution. Their customer-facing e-commerce system seamlessly syncs your website with your on-site inventory. Any business’s online store can easily offer loyalty points and discounts while also directly messaging consumers through the software, bypassing SMS or other FTC-regulated systems. All of this helps Adilas customers increase sales and profits. 

Maximize your time, minimize liability, and run your business with one all-encompassing software solution. Contact Adilas for a free demo to see how they can help your business grow.

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