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Cherry Sets the Craft Cannabis Standard

By Sensi Staff
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At its core, the cannabis industry values quality, culture, and community above all else. As recreational markets grow across the country, it has become clear that brands that prioritize these essential elements will find the most sustained success. In Colorado, the brand paving the way is Cherry.

For over a decade, Cherry has created top-quality cannabis products. As craft growers, the company is now well-known for perfecting cannabis breeding and genetics to curate high-end strains targeted at long-time cannabis connoisseurs and future generations of enthusiasts. It was recently recognized as the Best Wholesale Cultivator in 2021 by Westword.

The brand’s evolution began when founding partner Anthony Scotti, a native New Yorker, moved to Colorado with a dream of starting a cannabis company. Upon his arrival, Anthony hit it off with plant talker and expert geneticist Jason MacLean, now the brand’s lead horticulturist. The seeds of the Cherry brand were sown.

While countless people set out with similar goals, the X factor for Cherry was their eye for what really mattered in the industry: in-depth knowledge of the plant and the people who consume it. Immersing themselves in the ins and outs of cannabis business, community, and lifestyle fueled the brand’s positive rapport with consumers in the Colorado market.

In 2020, that sensibility became evident when Cherry collaborated with rapper N.O.R.E to name one of its strains, Super Thug. N.O.R.E. felt strongly about sharing Cherry’s mission and quality product, which led to an ongoing partnership and brand ambassadorship.

Cherry is more than just a cannabis company. It is also a lifestyle brand that encompasses all the positive things that the cannabis plant, and cannabis culture, can do for people’s lives, which has been a catalyst for success and growth.

With its reputation in Colorado established, Cherry is now expanding into other markets. The brand will soon be operational in Oklahoma with cultivation and retail, and will soon enter the booming East Coast market as well, with a license secured in New Jersey through a partnership with Premium Genetics and additional aspirations for New York and Florida.

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