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It’s Time to Join the Cliq

By Sensi Staff
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As one of the leaders in the cannabis industry, Curaleaf is continually searching for better ways to deliver its high-quality products to the public to ensure people can fully enjoy the benefits the cannabis plant can provide. So it should be no surprise to Michigan residents that the team at Curaleaf just rolled out one of the best vapes the market has ever seen.

The Cliq is the culmination of years of research and development to create the perfect on-the-go device that allows users straightforward enjoyment. Designed to pair with its award-winning premium Elite Oil, it enables the refined cannabis oil in each pod to deliver high potency with a robust terpene profile with each hit.

The Cliq is a sleek and stylish piece of hardware loaded with high-tech innovations and features that set it head-and-shoulders above other vapes on the market.

It all starts with the vape pod. Triple sealed, it functions perfectly on the hottest days or the coldest nights—weather quite common in Michigan. It also features a unique tapered reservoir to extract every last drop of oil and a set of heavy-duty magnets to hold it in place.

The cutting-edge battery is equipped with three voltage settings that put temperature control in users’ hands. Whether you like it hot and heavy or slow and low, each breath you pull comes just the way that you want it. Best of all, it’s encased in an almost-indestructible stainless-steel shell coated in matte-finished paint that can handle anything you throw at it and still show up each time you need it.

As part of Curaleaf’s Select lineup, the Cliq works seamlessly with a wide array of the company’s pods, which will allow you to enjoy sativa, hybrid, or indica in both .5- and 1-gram sizes. Isn’t it time you upgrade your cannabis experience? Reach for the new Cliq at one of the company’s four Michigan locations and ensure many happy times ahead.

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