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North Bay’s Experiential Dispensary

Two years ago, a unique cannabis dispensary swung open its doors in Santa Rosa, inviting its neighbors to go on a trip like no other...
By Sensi Staff
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Doobie Nights cannabis dispensary with blue lights

Two years ago, a unique cannabis dispensary swung open its doors in Santa Rosa, inviting its neighbors to go on a trip like no other. Part Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, part Van Gogh’s fever dream, and part Grateful Dead show, the sales floor of Doobie Nights (greatest name ever) is one of the most memorable retail experiences ever.

Designed by a team of talented individuals, the store draws you in from the moment you step through the front door. It is adorned with sculptural installations infused with state-of-the-art architecturally mapped LED lighting. Carey Thompson and Brian Pinkham (two of the four local friends who founded Doobie Nights), laid the groundwork for the facility before heading to Las Vegas to work on the newly opened Meow Wolf in Sin City.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to a massive, pulsing and shifting wall that dominates the entry area and is built around the Portal of Wonder that leads back to the main sales floor. It’s hard to decide where to head upon entering the expansive retail section. Three large walls employ groundbreaking lighting systems, continually shifting and swaying between intricate designs and evolving artistic patterns. At the same time, perfectly synced music pulsates from speakers.

Portal of Wonder Doobie Nights Dispensary Entryway

All of that hits you before you can look over the expansive selection of products—one of the largest in California. Due to its proximity to the nearby Emerald Triangle, a dizzying array of local flower, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures, and topicals are displayed from the region. Those items are surrounded by excellent cannabis products from Northern California and across the state. Everything is artfully displayed on a honeycomb of shelves. Just window shopping is a pleasure, but when you interact with the knowledgeable budtenders, the experience jumps up a level, if that’s possible.

Due to its focus on being connected to the local community, the store often hosts local musicians, artists, and growers. By allowing them access to its fantastic facility, Doobie Nights helps spread its gospel and connects with people who might become fans. So, do yourself a favor and plan a visit to Doobie Nights. You won’t regret it.

Doobie Nights
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