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Joy Bomb’s Taste Explosion

By Sensi Staff
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Joy Bombs edible candies

Why shouldn’t shopping for infused treats at a dispensary make you feel like a kid in a candy store? The sugar wizards at RMZ Colorado are finding that joy again with unique, nostalgic edibles that stand out from the glut of gummies oversaturating the market. RMZ’s newest creations, candy-coated fruit chews called Joy Bombs, are ready to take cannabis edibles back to the future.

Each handcrafted Joy Bomb starts with a flavorful candy shell that’s filled with fruity, chewy delight. Their unique candy coating keeps Joy Bombs from melting and makes them easy to share. They can survive a summer day in your car or the inside pocket of your snowboard jacket.
A full pouch of Joy Bombs contains 40 pieces, which have 2.5mg THC each, for a total THC bang of 100mg. They’re purposefully dosed to help you dial in just the milligrams and effects that you want—good luck trying to eat just one.

These colorful non-gummies come with a variety of flavors in each pouch—something to brighten everyone’s day. Original Joy Bomb flavors include strawberry, lemon, grape, and fruit punch. The newest flavors hit just in time for 4/20: Sour Fruit Joy Bombs. These brighter, tangier new chews come in mouthwatering sour flavors, including green apple, pink lemonade, watermelon, and blue raspberry.

Joy Bombs are a sweet and easy way to get a quick dose of THC without the smoke or vape. Meeting friends for drinks after work? Simply searching for a perfect everyday treat? Joy Bombs are sure to satisfy your weed tooth.

Joy Bombs

Joybombs edible candy