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Promotional Feature: Releaf MD Center

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Dr. Kelly King, internist, drew on her her expertise, education, and personal experience when she founded Releaf MD, The Center for Medical Marijuana. Active in the cannabis industry in Florida, New York, and California since 2015, she founded ReleafMD, the center for Medical Marijuana, in 2018. She decided to launch this clinic after medical cannabis became legalized in the state of Florida. She wanted to educate and inform her patients and nurture their cannabis journey, with a focus on seniors, veterans, and internal medicine patients throughout the state. She remains a sole practitioner here, where many clinics have become chain clinics with rapid patient turnover. She also sees pediatric patients with autism, epilepsy, ADHD, and cancer.

An internist and a disabled Air Force veteran, King truly understands the needs of her patients and their families. As a veteran, she has worked with veteran groups throughout Florida; she focuses on treating PTSD and chronic pain and working with veterans to help them come off of narcotics and various antidepressant medications if they are not responding.

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The journey of medical cannabis can be overwhelming. Dr. King will assess a new patient’s medical condition with recommendations for those with questions. Existing patients requiring a renewal will also be assisted. Releaf MD Center for Medical Marijuana makes obtaining a medical marijuana card recommendation safe and very convenient. Instructions will be provided on obtaining a medical cannabis card within state guidelines. During the pandemic, King transitioned her practice to telemedicine to better serve the needs of her remote patients. She is currently launching a new venture for her clinic to expand to telemedicine markets throughout the US. Releaf Telehealth will launch in April of this year.

On an initial visit, Dr. King and her staff (one of three doctors) will discuss medical conditions, symptoms, and treatment strategies. She also employs cannabis educators, nurses, and cannabis pharmacists. They will assess possible medication interactions with medical cannabis and provide counseling on medical cannabis use and potential side effects. They will then create a treatment plan for initial dose recommendations.
Dr. King and her staff also provide additional services, including primary care, hormone, IV therapy, COVID-19 testing, and B12/immunocomplex shots. They strive to provide premier facilities for any wellness needs up to and beyond medical cannabis and help everyone on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

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