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Promotional Feature: Divine Epicurean’s Divine Inspiration

As acceptance of cannabis spreads across Detroit and the rest of the nation, many individuals are working hard to create places where people can kick back and enjoy all the pleasures and delights it offers. One of those people is Chef Marjorie Harvey.

Her love of cooking was born at a young age when she began experimenting with different seasonings, herbs, and fresh ingredients in her family’s kitchen, creating interesting recipes and wowing all who tried her dishes. As she spent more time in the kitchen, she would search out different ideas from the diverse array of cultures that call Detroit home. Her from-scratch dishes quickly caught the attention of everyone who knew her and led to her launching Divine Epicurean in 2010.

Armed with her desire to craft great meals for any and all people, she poured her heart and soul into her catering business, building up a name for herself as a person who cares. As a single mother herself, she still, to this day, offers a broad menu of meals that have helped many families enjoy a meal around the table, often after a long day’s work. She has cooked countless meals for co-workers, local businesses, and residents, and her food has been described as addictive.

So, it only made sense that she would expand her business into the emerging cannabis market once Michigan legalized it. What goes better than a great meal and an enjoyable high? Well, Chef Harvey has a simple answer to that: “Good food and good high are right up there with good sex.”

She recently founded D’Mirage, a cannabis collective with a mission to create a cannabis-friendly place for adults to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Members will have access to gourmet cannabis fusion dining with Chef Harvey while having the inside scoop on exclusive events and merchandise. Right now, they are accepting memberships and looking for people who want to have a little fun and relax in style; and knowing Chef Harvey, it soon will be the talk of the town.

Divine Epicurean’s Divine Inspiration
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