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Flourish with Fluresh

By Sensi Staff
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The therapeutic and healing properties of cannabis are well known. But what if cannabis could also help heal communities? This notion is the ethos of Fluresh, a brand designed to help everyone, not just its users, flourish.

As a member of the emerging Michigan cannabis industry, one of Fluresh’s core beliefs is that it must actively partner with its neighbors. That is why Fluresh has operated in industrial, rural, and urban neighborhoods that have been ignored for too long. Over half of its workforce comes from the 49507 zip code, an area that has been historically overlooked.

Fluresh has committed its brand to correcting disparities in social equity, specifically in communities of color, and uses its resources to build partnerships and programs to help correct these inequities. To fight the social inequity surrounding cannabis created by years of legal bias, discrimination, and prejudice, Fluresh launched one of the most engaging social equity programs in the industry. It also has several other groundbreaking programs planned.

To help expand opportunities in the cannabis industry, Fluresh has thrown open its doors. The Fluresh Five Accelerator mentorship program allows participants to learn how to grow, process, develop new products, or operate a retail facility. Open to any individual, regardless of their race, sex, or gender, it puts participants through a one-year mentorship program that allows them to enter the industry with solid skills and connections upon graduation.

But what about those who do not want to be in the cannabis business but live in the communities where it operates? Fluresh is developing two programs that will make a lasting impact where it matters most.
The first will raise money for preschool programs in surrounding communities to help teachers and staff have more resources to educate, engage, entertain, and nourish the children they serve. By investing in early education, Fluresh hopes to set children in its community up for success when they begin kindergarten.

Second, Fluresh is talking with community partners to develop a temporary work-training program for women as they transition back into the workforce after non-violent drug offenses. This program addresses a common challenge created by legal inequities and is one of the keys to slashing recidivism.

Fluresh is committed to making a difference, and hopefully, other companies will follow.

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