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Black Mamba Gloves Are the Right Fit

By Sensi Staff
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With so many disposable hand-protection choices available today, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the material composition, resistance to hazards, and overall glove performance for a particular job. This is especially true in the cannabis industry, where the handling of products in production and packaging by employees highlights the importance of providing a safe and comfortable layer of protection between product and skin.

Natural rubber latex, nitrile, and vinyl are the most widely used materials for manufacturing disposable gloves. Different glove materials hold up to specific chemicals differently. For example, nitrile gloves hold up well to pesticides and fertilizers as well as many oils and other fluids. All Black Mamba gloves are produced with USDA-accepted materials known to be safe for food contact, making them ideal for processing and extraction, especially when dealing with flower and concentrates.

In addition to the glove’s composition, there are other important considerations when selecting the proper glove for your task. A 2006 National Safety Council survey noted that 57% of the respondents who did not comply with PPE guidelines cited poor fit or discomfort as their main objection. Nowadays, disposable gloves provide a wide range of fit and dexterity to the end-user. Therefore, to increase worker compliance, it is vital to select a product based on its resistance to harmful substances and comfort for the wearer. Proper sizing is mandatory, as workers tend to reject hand-protection protocol when their gloves get in the way of performing their jobs.

Black Mamba is seeing its distribution partners adding additional sizes/materials to their Mamba Glove lines. Employers are becoming increasingly aware that proper form, fit, and function are paramount to the compliance of their PPE initiative. The days of offering one glove for everyone have given way to understanding the importance of creating a hand-protection program designed with compliance and worker comfort and safety in mind.

An established company with a long history, Black Mamba Gloves is here to serve the cannabis market. Partner with an authorized reseller to meet all your needs and ensure your team is kept safe.

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