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Lion Labs Crafts Live Resin Pre-Rolls

By Sensi Staff
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Many Michigan cannabis users have celebrated 2022 with one of the most exciting new products to hit the cannabis market in years. Launched statewide in February, the live resin pre-roll from Element has been delivering truly enjoyable highs.

Created by Lion Labs, one of the best processors for crafting fresh frozen flower into premium live resin concentrates in the market, it’s the perfect mixture of equal amounts of high-quality flower and live resin. By releasing the product under its multi-Cannabis-Cup-winning brand Element, the company has again shown that it is committed to continually raising the bar for THC enjoyment.

Drawing upon its expertise in the field, Lion Labs has created a process that perfectly blends dried flower and live resin. The result is in an infused pre-roll that burns smoothly and consistently to ensure a high-quality consumption experience—something many other products can’t deliver. This gives you one of the most authentic expressions of the flower that can be found.

Using the highest-quality flower available from the state’s top cultivators and combining it with premium quality live resin, which is sourced from the same marijuana biomass whenever possible, the Element Live Resin 1g Joint packs quite a punch. It’s THC potencies range from 40–50 percent, some of the highest found in pre-rolls, plus it claims high terpene levels ranging from 5–8 percent. That means users will enjoy a whole-spectrum cannabis experience with great flavor, just as the strain intends.

Each pre-roll is released in collaboration with some of the state’s leading names: Exotic Matter, Mitten Canna, NOBO, Hytek, High Level Health, KAI Cannabis, and Central Coast Horticulture. There are currently five flavors available statewide with a retail price of $25–$30 for a single pre-roll. As Element proudly says on each package, “Fire In, Fire Out”—an apt tagline for one of the more exciting products to hit the market in years. Search one out and see for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

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