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Desert Underground is In a League of Their Own

By Sensi Staff
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Desert Underground is a genuine and passionate cannabis company looking to elevate the industry. They’ve set a new standard for quality by enhancing the cannabis experience through innovation, while maintaining the craft and artistry of traditional methods. This has allowed them to create their own category of elevated cannabis experiences, rooted in their respect for their plants, processes, and people – all while building a community along the way.

Over the years Desert Underground has cultivated some of the highest quality cannabis flower in California. When it comes to assortment, they zig where others zag. Consider their Wedding Cake. When they know their cut is the bomb they will continue to grow it, even if the market is flooded with Wedding Cake. Other brands may think purple is great, but the Desert Underground team knows sometimes green can be better. Their motto is “shut up and smoke it,” said in the nicest way possible.

These cultivators and connoisseurs foster an inclusive culture focused on continuous improvement. With full control of their cultivation, sales, marketing, and distribution, there are no middlemen needed. They believe it takes a dedicated team to conquer the dream and their team is solid. The passion and desire to be the best farm-to-consumer brand motivates them to keep moving forward, to keep getting better. They value each and every customer, and understand that people want to do business with people who care. They believe that being the best cannabis brand begins with providing the best customer service.

Their premium eighth is tagged “For Experienced Stoners,” an extremely important message that encapsulates their product strategy. Experienced stoners look for quality, consistency, and innovation at a killer price point. The Underground has worked hard to put their brand out there, and they stand behind their product accordingly. They may not always hit it right, but they have a hell of a lot of fun growing what their people love best. Ask any employee at Desert Underground and they will tell you that growing the finest cannabis is not only their job, it’s their duty and privilege.

Desert Underground
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