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En route to Cannabis Dispensaries Centralization

By Sensi Staff
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All Cannabis dispensary owners have a lot to handle, but STRAIN has developed the right tools to meet their needs. From the beautiful town of San Juan, founder Manny Ramirez tells us he has built many technological solutions that assist dispensaries and allows them to stay connected with their consumers.

After developing a platform for one of the top cannabis patient drive companies on the Island, Manny started learning more about the challenges dispensaries have to work around. Since then, he began creating solutions to overcome those obstacles, and like that, the company was born in November of 2019. STRAIN is a mobile app and platform that centralizes dispensaries’ sales, marketing, and retention needs in a single solution at a fraction of the cost.

They can power everything in terms of technology in a dispensary. As soon as they start working with a company, they will obtain their own branded mobile application, website, in-store kiosk, loyalty system program, tv menu signage software, and other marketing tools on multiple platforms.

The company’s future seems to be blooming. In Puerto Rico, they expect to launch the most significant and innovative dispensaries and brand network, with over 250 listings and real-time menus, which no other directory has on the Island. Manny tells us: “At STRAIN, we’re always looking for ways to provide more value to dispensaries by helping them centralize their operation. The STRAIN Marketplace is another way of replacing their actual marketplace with the biggest, high-tech dispensary directory that’ll help retailers lower costs associated with customer acquisition.” In addition, the company will soon announce projects with partners in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and United States.

STRAIN aims to centralize the dispensaries’ sales and intelligent data collection and equip their customers with various marketing tools.

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