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Sparx Cannabis Does Low-Cost Connoisseur

By Sensi Staff
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Sparx, a brand based out of Monterey, California, is involved in many aspects of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing. This has allowed them to spend the past few years perfecting their processes to ensure the best quality products go out every time.

Its most recent product launch has been a line of live resin products, including creamy badders, terpene-rich sugars, and crystal diamond sauce. Sparx only uses full-plant fresh frozen material to ensure its products give the user the best representation of the strain profile and experience. This is so important because the quality of the final concentrate is hugely based on the material used in production.

Soon to be dropping are Sparx cartridges, which will be filled entirely with live resin HTE (high terpene extract) to ensure an extremely flavorful and full spectrum experience with no additional additives.
Sparx is family-owned and operated, and one thing that stands out is the genuine care that the team at Sparx Labs has for the safety and cleanliness of their products and facility, benefiting employees and customers. The team also brings years of combined experience.

Chandler Halpern, CEO of Sparx, moved from Florida to California for the cannabis recreational market opportunities.

“Cannabis has always had some major roles in my life growing up and I was definitely eager to come to experience the legal market,” he explains.

Sparx is highly proud of the quality of extracts being put out, especially for pricing. This is a top-shelf brand but with affordable prices to give the opportunity for all to smoke at that next level.

“We want everyone to be able to consume like a connoisseur.” Sparx is available in dispensaries throughout the state of California.

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