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Get High On Love

By Stephanie Wilson
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Gold bottle of HighOnLove's stimulating O Gel on a bed of red, pink, and white flower petals accented by two green marijuana fan leaves

It’s hard to be human right now. We’ve all experienced an immense amount of pain the last two years as we adapted as best we could to the challenges the pandemic presented. But just as important as the added sources of pain are the missing sources of its lovely opposite: pleasure

After the pandemic that we’ve all endured, you deserve some pampering. And as you’ve no doubt come to realize, there’s no place like home: when you can’t venture out, turn inward. What can you do to bring more pleasure into your life today?

Angela Mustone has a suggestion. She’s the founder of HighOnLove, a luxe line of sensual self-care and sexual wellness  products blended with cannabis oil, which are designed to help her customers “take pleasure to the next level.” You can guess what she’s alluding to when she suggests bringing more bliss into your life. And given her background in the sexual wellness industry as well as in beauty, Mustone knows a bit about the importance of self-love and self-care. There’s no shame in heeding her advice: “Buy something for your own pleasure,” she says. “You can—and you deserve—to give yourself happiness.” 

HighOnLove products are thoughtfully created for women, with blends crafted with premium cannabis oil in small batches to ensure the very highest quality. With a line of sexual wellness products made with CBD and hemp seed oil available online as well as a THC-infused collection available in select states such as Colorado, HighOnLove has the stimulating gifts your pink parts will love for Valentine’s Day 2022. (More info on the current product line below!)

CBD Sexual Wellness Products for Self-Love

Caucasian woman's hands bound with pink rope and holding a gold bottle of HighOnLove's intimacy oil

The Stimulating O Gel for Women can make for a very fun naughty evening.

During the pandemic, more people than ever turned to cannabis for relief from the toll COVID-19 has taken on their mental well-being. Research from New Frontier Data shows that more than half of cannabis consumers used the plant to improve their mental health during the pandemic. And that’s wonderful—cannabis is shown to have all sorts of positive impacts on one’s health, both mentally and physically, and you don’t have to be a medical marijuana patient to reap any of those benefits. The plant may do a body good regardless of the intent of the person putting said plant into or onto their body. And that positive message of cannabis’s potential to help treat a whole host of conditions has not been lost on consumers who turned to cannabis in record numbers in 2020. 

A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published in October 2020 found that half of the patients surveyed reported using cannabis regularly and mostly for medical purposes. Researchers also found new users were more likely to use cannabis for medical reasons than for recreation.

Which is all well and good, but with all this focus on the medical benefits cannabis may deliver, what’s being lost is the very thing that’s been stripped so unceremoniously from our day-to-day lives over this past year: pleasure. Not just the big pleasurable bliss of getting high, but the smaller pleasures that come with it: the tactile feeling of fluffy nugs in your fingers, the scent of rebellion wafting up from a lit bowl, the feeling of connection as you pass a joint to your friend, the content you feel when you break into giggles. Pleasure is derived from the whole ritual, including the final outcome of “being high.” 

Getting high for the sake of getting high is not a bad thing. “Everything on the market is for a reason,” Mustone points out. “It has a purpose. Like you need a justification for using cannabis. But with HighOnLove, it’s not about pain—it’s about pleasure.”

Green cannabis fan leaves on red background with a gold container of HighOnLove's Sensual Liip Balm

HighOnLove Stimulating Lip Gloss is blended with premium cannabis seed oil and shea butter.

The pleasure of carving out time for an extra-special soaking experience. Turn your bath into an at-home ritual with HighOnLove’s Sensual Bath Oil with lavender to promote calmness and honey to nourish your skin. Planning is the new love language, so plan on making time to make love with yourself or with a partner—you do you or you do him or her or all of the above. Just make sure you’re doing something to bring some of that special something that’s missing back into your life because pleasure is the gift you can lavish upon yourself, Mustone is quick to remind. Her philosophy of self-love is one we can get behind: “Luxury shouldn’t be withheld; it should be standard.”

Luxe Line: The Gucci of Cannabis

Mustone is a woman who knows what she wants—and she thinks you’ll enjoy getting to know yourself a little better while using her products. She’s positioning her company as the Gucci of cannabis. The HighOnLove line includes blissful bath oils, luxe massage candles, lip-gloss lube, and the brand’s Stimulating Oil, a blend of all-natural oils (including hemp seed) that’s become a cult fave. It’s designed to increase blood flow and promote the production of natural lubricants, making it extra transformative for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort, and a decreased libido. The product is the object of many affections, leading it to be crowned the Sex Enhancement Product of the Year 2021 by the adult industry’s leading authority on such things, XBIZ. It also stimulated one of Allure magazine’s writers to gush, “HighOnLove makes the most delicious CBD lube I’ve ever tried—plus a whole lot of other cannabis sex products that are chic as hell.”

There’s a lot of love in that high praising headline, but let’s focus on the adjective “chic,” which is highly apropos. And one Mustone was aiming for when designing HighOnLove products, aiming to appeal to our higher sensibilities with the brand’s overall aesthetics—from the logo and the font to the packaging and presentation. Every choice is refined, with no finishing touch overlooked in her quest to make the highest quality products that help you get to that finishing touch. 

Take, for example, Valentine’s Day top-selling product, Dark Chocolate Body Paint, which retails for $35. Designed as an aphrodisiac in itself, this luscious and rich dark chocolate is made with premium-grade hemp seed oil, which helps give it a whipped, creamy texture that feels delightful when applied to erogenous zones. The playful kit, which comes with its own branded paintbrush, helps couples reach a new level of intimacy, hopefully releasing euphoric sensations along the way. 

With a line of THC products in the works, including an aphrodisiac strain in development in Colorado, Mustone will soon be introducing ways to get even higher on love. Until then, she wants us to remind ourselves that it’s OK to want to buy something just because you want it. “It’s OK to take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. It’s OK to love yourself. And right now, it’s needed more than ever. Give yourself more reasons to be happy.” 

The 5 Best  HighOnLove CBD and Hemp Sexual Wellness Products for Valentine’s Day 2022

Dark Chocolate Body Paint, $35

A heart-shaped bottle of HighOnLove's dark-chocolate body paint on a pink backdrop splattered with chocolate paint. To the right is a pink paint brush.Intimacy elevated to an art form, this dark chocolate body paint is designed as an aphrodisiac in itself. Made with premium grade hemp seed oil and inspired by distinguished chocolatiers in Brussels, this whipped, creamy chocolate can be applied on erogenous zones for a delectable evening.


A limited-release Dark Chocolate Body Paint infused with 100 mg THC is now available at select dispensaries in Colorado. 

Stimulating O Gel Stimulant for Women, $45

Gold bottle and pink box of HighOnLove's Stimulating O Gel for WomenA fusion of all-natural ingredients with premium grade hemp seed oil, this water-based gel is 100% natural and made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality. Just one pump or two massages into the clitoris delivers a delectably warm buzzing sensation to most women.

CBD Lubricant, $48

Bottle and box of HighOnLove CBD Water LubeMade with 200 mg of premium CBD, this silky-smooth water-based lubricant is fragrance-free, non-staining, vegan, and safe to use with all types of condoms. Smooth as silk, it provides long-lasting moisture while encouraging blood flow for heightened pleasure.

Sensual Lip Balm, $24

container of HighOnLove sensual lip balm on a white and pink background accented by green cannabis fan leavesThis oral-sex enhancing Sensual Lip Balm is a must-have for elevated foreplay. Made with a blend of premium cannabis seed oil and shea butter and enhanced with the tingly-sweet with an aroma of juicy pear, this balm noticeably plumps lips and delivers a warming and cooling sensation that provides additional stimulation on lips and intimate areas. 

Sensual Massage Candle, $50

Gold Candle jar with pink cutouts in the shape of a heart with cannabis fan leaves

This luxe soy-based candle blends cannabis seed oil and coconut oil with the scent of rose bud. Light it up to set the mood, let it melt, and pour directly onto the skin, and let the sensation of warm oils encourage relaxation, exploration, and romance. Once the candle is gone, the luxe container can double as an objet d’art.


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