Woo-Woo Wellness

The Best Ways to Pamper Your Pet The pet wellness industry is taking off, and you can find tons of ways to give your pooch some extra pampering. I’m sitting at my desk in the early hours of the morning struggling to write the anecdotal opener to this story. There’s soft music playing, so soft I can hear...

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Mush Love: Fungi’s Naughty Side

Fungus could fun up your Valentine’s Day. In the South Pacific, legend tells of women writhing in sexual ecstasy after eating mushrooms they found growing wild in the forest. Normans fed grooms a dish made from a pound of mushrooms to prepare them for their wedding night, and Mataco Indians in Chiapas, Mexico, rubbed the red underside of...

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Foraging for Magic

Stalking the wild Azzie in the mushroom hunting capital of the Pacific Northwest The wind was blowing about 20 knots, pelting us with needles of mist, as we trudged through the dune grass with our eyes peeled. We weren’t focused, as you would expect, on the stunning shoreline and churning gray waves of Willapa Bay in our vista,...

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How Mindful Baking Heals

Flour, Sugar, and the Flow My favorite life moments are when I completely lose track of me. I’m chopping toasted walnuts, simmering Jonathan apples with vanilla bean, and working butter, salt, and flour to a consistency only my fingertips can recognize. Playing with the dough like a kid, I layer the filling over the bottom crust and mess with the...

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Plant Medicine: RAPÉH

Rapéh (pronounced “hay-peh”) is a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon region often referred to as "blank-slate-medicine." It’s non-psychoactive and totally legal, making it an amazing and powerful ally for meditation and a great entry point for people looking to experiment with more plant medicine. It's known for its grounding qualities that can help calm even the busiest...

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Ladies, it’s time to WIN: Arcview’s Women Investment Network

How women investors could change the tech and cannabis industries forever. In cannabis, women make up a third of the industry, and while it has historically been an inequitable space for women of color, diversity and inclusion are becoming a dynamic part of the industry. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 33 US states have legalized...

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Trippy Healing

Psychedelics are the new medical marijuana. I keep a photo of myself from the bad year, when I left the job I thought defined me and broke up with the man I’d planned to marry. I’m wearing a sleeveless dress no adult who weighs 93 pounds should be wearing, with my undernourished limbs and oversized head. I make...

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Change is Overdue

CHANGE IS OVERDUE AND IT MATTERS. BECAUSE BLACK LIVES MATTER and we need to stand up and say it, to use our platform to life up the voices of people within our communities of all races and genders and secual orientations. We need to be more diverse, more representative of our cities. WE NEED TO DO BETTER... and...

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