Sensi Magazine

Editor's Note: This Month's Cover Feature

This month?s cover feature was written, as most things with my byline are, in the middle of the night, my finishing touches and flourishes (or the reining-in-of-flourishes, as often is the case) happening right around dawn.* As I wrapped up a piece about how color is literally everything, dawn arrived. The early morning rays saturated the world just beyond my keyboard with brilliant hues that ultimately underlined the point I was trying to make: color is everything.
Color is light, light is energy, energy is everywhere, vibrating all around us. There?s a reason we don?t see the world in black and white, and it?s because we?re literally vibing with the colors all around us. No, that?s not hippie-dippy BS; that?s science. If you don?t believe me, I don?t blame you. I wouldn?t have either when I set out to write what turned into a feature on color as medicine. I was planning on putting together a quick-and-easy story on how adding color to your wardrobe and home decor could help combat the winter blues. 
There?s so much more to it than that. Colors help us navigate the world. There is a reason we don?t see the world in black
and white. 
With that in mind, we?ve packed this issue with topics that cover the full spectrum of what?s new and what?s next. It?s our way of celebrating the arrival of a new year, a new decade. A ray of light in the middle of a long winter, a reminder to be brilliant and send good vibes out to the world.
And if things are seeming a bit dull, don?t worry. Put on some bright yellow, and be happy.

Stephanie Wilson