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There was a social media frenzy last month

Detroit native Lizzo was captured on video at a Lakers basketball game dancing to her own song Juice...
By Darralynn Hutson
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Detroit native Lizzo was captured on video at a Lakers basketball game dancing to her own song Juice. The outpouring came mostly because she was wearing a thong revealing her naked rear end, all while twerking in rhythm to the beat.

Lizzo is known for her advocacy around body positivity through her lyrics and her social media posts. After the incident, this particular Facebook post came into my feed: “I hate when people don’t love themselves.” It came from someone who felt that anyone who criticized Lizzo didn’t love themselves and hated anyone who did love themselves. I thought, Wow, it must be great to really, really love yourself. I must admit, I’m not sure what that feels like. There’s always something I want to do to better myself; look better, be better, finish better.

In this month’s issue, we explore self-love. Represented in its fullness, self-love is a crucial element in our cover story on two individuals who are transitioning, one at the beginning and the other immersed in their proud transgender lifestyle. Detroiters understand that loving yourself isn’t a final resolution; it’s a daily journey – one that Sensi magazine is humbled to take with you.

This February 2020 issue of Sensi Detroit is gifted to the lover in all of us. Whether you love your mom, your job, your car, your significant other, or yourself – especially if you love yourself – this issue is for you.

The Sensi team always amazes me with the vibrancy exhibited on the pages of this magazine, incorporating quotes and numbers that are easily remembered and eye-catching. We hope you agree that love for information is really all you need. We hope you love this issue as much as we do, but if there’s something or someone or some business that you believe we ought to cover, don’t be shy. Send us an email, introduce yourself, and tell us what you’d love to read about in the magazine.

Happy Black History Month.

Darralynn Hutson