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Something about the beach always called my name.

Venice and the canals were a source of sanity, and as an adult, I found myself utterly enthralled by LA...
By Dawn Garcia
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March is one of those glorious months in Los Angeles that signifies the coming of lush green vegetation, gorgeous fresh blooms, good surf, outdoor events, and so much room to play. Spring is about to bloom!

This month?s issue is a deep dive into the city?s rich history, including unsolved crimes, fascinating architecture, and a more intricate look inside the stories and fables surrounding Hollywood. Having been raised in the heart of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, my sister and I embarked on adventures powered by the lure of LA. Whether it was grabbing a donut with our grandfather at the local donut shop and hearing him tell us stories about golfing with Bob Hope, or roller skating along the boardwalk where my mom would tell us stories about listening to the Beatles at Hollywood Bowl, story was always at the heart of growing up. Venice Beach and Santa Monica happens to be where I would ditch school and escape.

Something about the beach always called my name. Venice and the canals were the source of sanity when life at home got a little crazy, and as I grew up and became an adult, I found myself utterly enthralled in all of LA. I explore on the regular. From roaming downtown during the day to holing up at Caf? Stella?s in Silverlake sipping a latte to sipping an afternoon martini while writing at Musso and Frank?s in Hollywood?there is no shortage of places to escape to. That?s the beauty of LA. You can always eat, always drink, always find cold pressed juice or vegan options, cultural immersion, art. Honestly anything you can think up, it?s here.

This month, you can also get your Britney Spears on at the hot new Britney Zone or get swept away in technology and art at the Wisdome downtown. No matter where you go and what you do, don?t let the chaos of a politically jarring primary election or the looming reminder of tax season get to you.

Let go. Breathe. Dance. Play. Eat. Find something new to do that you?ve always wanted to try. This is a new beginning. Take it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

Live with abandon,

Dawn Garcia