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Take a class to learn how to make your own dumplings.

Bao Down...
By Robyn Griggs Lawrence
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It?s hard to imagine a food more comforting than dumplings. Affordable, versatile, and communal, these little packages are an ?it? food?some call them the next kimchi?for good reason. 

Learn how to make your own delicious dumplings from the masters at Mei Mei, which consistently tops the dumpling rankings in Boston and makes some of the best bao in the United States, according to the New York Post.

Mei is the Chinese word for ?little sister,? and the restaurant is owned by three siblings (Andy, Margaret, and Irene Li), whose grandparents introduced hot pot cooking at their China Garden restaurant in White Plains, New York, decades ago. In this case, mei refers to three important crops to indigenous Americans?winter squash, corn, and beans?known as the ?three sisters.? It represents Mei Mei?s fusion of classic Chinese techniques with New England sensibility. 

Mei Mei?s two-hour classes include instruction in five different ways to fold dumplings and how to make traditional Chinese pork and cabbage dumplings as well as pierogis with creamy potatoes, cheddar, and local veggies. During the class, students can enjoy plentiful snacks, including sweet corn fritters with maple soy aioli and scallion wedges with cheddar and pesto.