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Banking is a key component in running day-to-day operations and providing the framework for financial transparency and accountability...
By Sensi Staff
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Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

Blue Sky Bank’s 115-year history has deep roots in serving our local communities. It’s the main catalyst for why we decided to enter this line of business back in 2018 when OK SQ 788 was passed and allowed patients access to medical marijuana. The cannabis industry has had a significant impact on the local and national economy. Like any business, banking is a key component in running day-to-day operations and providing the framework for financial transparency and accountability. Safety and security are also a concern for our business customers. 

We built a network with vetted and credentialed couriers to ensure our cannabis deposits are secure and processed quickly. Revenues for cannabis sales will never enter any of our branches to ensure the safety of our customers and our bank employees.  Poviding a safe place for our cannabis business customers to deposit funds is the utmost priority. 


What are 3 things you’d love for your customers to know about your company?


Dedicated Cannabis Team: We have a dedicated team of Cannabis Bankers and a Treasury Management team that service our cannabis business customers. No need for a 1-800 number; you will have access to your cannabis banker and our support team, Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 CST, for any banking needs that may arise. 


Multi State: We may be an Oklahoma and Texas-centric bank; however, we currently service 12 plus states and counting. Outside of Oklahoma, we serve:

California – Colorado – New Mexico – Arizona – Nevada – Montana – New York, New Jersey, Maryland – Maine, Philadelphia, Vermont, and Missouri


Digital Banking:  no matter where you are, our online and mobile banking services provide access to your account information and self-servicing tools such as mobile deposit, business bill pay, and ACH transactions. Our cannabis business customers do not need a brick-and-mortar branch location with all our digital banking products. 


Describe for us your perfect customers and how your products or services solve something important to them. 

Our perfect customer is a compliant and knowledgeable business owner who seeks a long-term banking relationship with their Cannabis Bank officer. We often are a sounding board and resource for our customers who seek recommendations on who to use for payroll services, accounting, legal assistance, etc. Knowing we are a cannabis-friendly bank also gives our customers peace of mind, knowing we work closely with other cannabis-friendly businesses supporting the industry and wanting to see cannabis succeed.