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Consumers can now experience the moment of inhalation with heightened pause with ease, sophistication, and flavor...
By Elizabeth Mcwilliams
Photo Courtesy - Dime Industries
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Coming of age with Dime Industries.

For some, cannabis consumption is seen as a ritual that elevates us in moments of quiet reflection. Just think: how often has the media portrayed a creative genius leaning back from work to take a hit as though they were drawing in previous efforts, holding in progress, and then exhaling into a vision of the next steps? How often has each of us, artist or not, felt this same moment ourselves – even if only to consider our day, dreams, and desires, if not our art and creations?

Dime Industries understands this pivotal moment of inhalation and provides cutting-edge innovation in the modern cannabis industry, allowing consumers to experience the moment of heightened pause with ease, sophistication, and flavor. 

How? With innovative, high-capacity hardware that customizes the experience for its award-winning lines, such as Signature Line (live resin infused distillate), Live Reserve Line (liquid live resin), and 2000 mg Balanced Line (featuring minor cannabinoids), to name a few.

Established in 2016, Dime Industries began with a passion for the best-tasting products and a drive to create the most reliable device on the market. In just seven years, it has expanded from their home state of California into more than 1,200 retail locations across Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

In 2022, they went international, launching in Canada. Then in 2023, Dime returned home from the Oklahoma Cowboy Cup Cannabis Championship with several awards in hand, including the Best Experience Buckle, in addition to 1st and 2nd place prizes in the Live Resins category (Watermelon OG & Chocolope 1000 mg Live Reserve All in One Device respectively) and 2nd and 3rd place in the Distillates category (Mint OG 2000 mg Balanced Line and Bubblegum Kush 2000 mg Signature Line All in One Device, respectively). 




But let’s dial it back. What, precisely, makes Dime Industries stand out from the competition? 

First of all, Dime Industries uses superior-quality hardware in each of its exemplary product lines. Take, for example, the construction of a unique tank that incorporates turbo chip, food-grade stainless steel, ceramic plates, and lab-grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, the nonstick, noncorrosive coating commonly known as Teflon). Ceramic plates are preferred because they ensure an even heating of the material and are made from natural materials that don’t emit toxic fumes, even while cooking between 375 and 480 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Next is the introduction of a smart chip to prevent over-burning, thereby preserving and enhancing flavor. Lastly, users have the benefit of recharging their all-in-one device USB-C port (a battery charge that can last all day, all week, or even all month!) or by using a Zero Waste Atomizer so that no flavor is left behind. 

Dime Industries tanks have elevated the industry standard with sheer strength: drop-proof, anti-break, and leak-proof PTFE’s that can easily survive a fall. Some have emerged intact even after a run through the dishwasher or washing machine (though, of course, Dime does not recommend that the reader try this at home). 

Most impressive of all is the next-level technology that now includes a preheat setting and three additional heat settings ranging from 4.2 to 3.2 volts. These enhanced settings allow consumers to control taste and concentration levels, leaving the individual to determine nuance and calibration – like a sommelier whose knowledge of fine wine allows her to choose the bottle that best complements the occasion. 


Here’s how these heat settings can be used:

The Preheat setting, indicated with a glowing rainbow around the power button, is especially convenient in a cold environment and/or if the device becomes clogged. To preheat, the user simply presses the power button twice. Ten seconds is all it takes to bring the material back to room temperature (imagine prepping your device while on the chairlift at Mammoth or perhaps while waiting for your Uber on a cold winter night). 

The “High” heat setting, issued at 4.2 volts and indicated with a green light, is ideal for a reduced terpene taste and a stronger high (perfect, for easing stressful situations, such as meals with irksome relatives).

The “Moderate’ heat setting, issued at 3.7 volts and indicated with blue light, is ideal for a balanced taste and high (returning home from a long day’s work, maybe, or getting ready to attend a concert).

The “Low” heat setting, issued at 3.2 volts and indicated with a red light, is tailored for a more pronounced terpene taste and a milder high (ideal for new cannabis consumers to find their “happy dose” or to ease into a fresh day).

Dime Industries doesn’t stop at technological innovation. The team also makes a point of delivering a wide range of tastes (from Watermelon Kush and Sunset Sherbert to Papaya, WhiteFire OG, and Wedding Cake), highlighting their commitment to consumer satisfaction. This commitment is especially evident in the Concentrates Line, which is carefully curated with top-shelf, indoor-grown flowers, fresh-frozen without any additives and invigorated with a slow evaporation process to deliver some of the most powerful and effective medicine on the market. Handpicked from premium flowers, the formulations are “meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate dabbing and smoking experiences.”

As a crowning jewel, the meticulousness behind every Dime Industries product is evident in its appearance: sophisticated, discreet, and sleek like a sexy gadget out of James Bond, but with the clean lines and svelte packaging of the coolest Apple products.

Dime Industries’ rapid acceleration across state and national lines, coupled with its award-winning products, is the hallmark of a quickly emerging company with a bold vision. Who better to have behind the design of life’s pivotal moments, as we sit back from all our industriousness to quietly inhale and exhale – to gaze, reflect, consider, and pursue our many quests?

Focus provided by Verita Richardson, Marketing Director at Dime Industries: the hardware, product lines, and commitment to innovation.

Cover, Oklahoma, Winter 2024