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At OCIA, we believe it is necessary to shift the paradigm surrounding cannabis from an approach of controlling an illegal narcotic to policies built upon supporting a new agricultural commodity and opportunities for medical innovation...
By Sensi Staff
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What is the name of your business and when did you start?

We are the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association, and we were founded in 2017.

Where can people find you / your products / your service?

How many employees does your company have?

We have 3 employees, but also help people to find jobs in the industry.  Companies can post through our site, and job seekers can find opportunities across the country here, as well.  

What services or products do you offer?

We are a 501c6 non-profit trade association.

What was your mission or purpose at the start of your company?

To provide education, advocacy, and networking opportunities for Oklahoma cannabis industry members and ancillary service providers.

Advocacy: Our staff and members work extensively with the Oklahoma House and Senate, our Congressional delegation, regulatory agencies, and local governments to advance our legislative and regulatory policies supporting a friendly environment for Oklahoma’s cannabis industry. From the Capitol to local town halls, we are dedicated to educating policymakers on critical issues for our industry.”

Community: Through public forums and partnerships, we offer an array of events for cannabis businesses to meet, expand relationships, and open doors with non-cannabis related community members, such as chambers of commerce, banking, finance, code compliance, and more. We strive to build positive relationships for our industry beyond the business members of our community.

Education: Each month, we host multiple events to provide the most current and accurate information to our members through our OCIA POLICY & PINTS throughout the state, featuring open discussions with policymakers, regulators, and relevant members of the community. Our guests have included elected officials, agency directors, and technical staff with direct impacts upon Oklahoma’s cannabis industry.

What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

We felt that the industry needed to be treated as a professional industry just like any other industry in our state. 

Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

If we are not here to defend and advocate for our businesses, no one will.

Does your business give back to your community?

Our entire mission is formed around giving back to our industry, patients, and our state.