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Sensi's CannAstrologer, Abi Wright, gives insights into the planetary energies of April, 2024 ...
By Abi Wright
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4/1- 4/24: Planet Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries. This can affect communication, technology, and transportation. Watch for irritability, frustration, and anger. See my blog on Mercury Retrograde. 

4/5: Venus enters Aries. It’s a time to feel open and enthusiastic in relationships where you can make love feel fresh again.

4/8: New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Aries. Slow down and move at a comfortable pace on this magical day! Major new beginnings and healing energy are possible through reflection! Second chances are at an all-time high!  

4/19: Sun enters Taurus- kicking off Taurus season. 

4/20: Jupiter conjoins Uranus. This is a MAJOR transit for the year where you could feel brave, independent, lucky, and innovative! Focus on your future by getting out of your comfort zone. A time to celebrate! Happy 4/20

4/23: Full Pink Moon in Scorpio. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in! Don’t be afraid to be the black sheep! 

4/25: Mercury goes Direct (we will still have a two-week shadow period where you still may feel the effects of what transpired since 4/1). 

4/29: Venus enters Taurus. A good time to improve stability and security in relationships with feelings of loyalty and long-term commitment. 

4.29: Mars enters Aries.  Personal energy is especially strong with a focus on new and exciting beginnings that can take place quickly

What is April 2024 About for Your Personal Sun Sign?

AriesMarch 21-April 19

“A new beginning brings happiness that assures success!”


TaurusApril 20-May 20

“Honestly communicate what you want to manifest this month!”


Gemini May 21-June 21

“Tolerating & connecting with someone you’re taking a leap of faith towards!”


CancerJune 22-July 22

“You are coming into alignment with an Empress energy! Take action NOW!” 


Leo July 23-August 22 

“Taking back control! Big changes in physical and spiritual health!”


VirgoAugust 23-September 22

“Having the will to get to the root of a matter from the past.”


LibraSeptember 23-October 23

“BIG changes, a wish granted, and Justice for a Queen of Cups!”


ScorpioOctober 24-November 21

“New opportunities, possibilities, and paths opening up!” 


SagittariusNovember 22-December 21.

“In faith and trust you must surrender to what is!”


CapricornDecember 22-January 19 

“An enchanting celebration brings unconditional love by month’s end!”


AquariusJanuary 20-February 18 

“And the truth shall set you free! Making the apology…”


PiscesFebruary 19-March 20

“When this goes down you better be ready to take action!”

Abi Wright

Abi Wright is an award-winning Canna-Leader, Natural Healer, and Tarot Reader known as The Cannastrologer. 

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