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Sensi's CannAstrologer, Abi Wright, gives insights into Mercury Retrograde ...
By Abi Wright
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First and foremost, the motion of retrograde for any planet is like an optical illusion caused by all the planets moving at different speeds from one another. It’s similar to the feeling of driving in a car, while you’re next to another car, and the other vehicle seems to slow down, but you are both still moving forward at the same time. That’s the illusion of a retrograde. 

Planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo, and it represents communication, which also includes technology and transportation. So when Mercury goes retrograde, this means the signs of Gemini and Virgo can sometimes feel the energy of this transit more than others.

There can be miscommunication, travel delays, and technology glitches, and it can even affect relationships, too

 Mercury retrograde is also a time when many exes of every kind (romantic, platonic, business, etc) can come back from the past. In many cases, it’s because those relationships never got proper closure, but it’s also because many people like to revert to old patterns and repeat mistakes during this time. It is also said to be a bad time to change your hairstyle in any kind of dramatic way.

Additionally, you aren’t supposed to sign new contracts or get married, but if it’s regarding general business that you’ve been working on before the retrograde, that’s usually fine to move forward with. 

While many people chalk these things up to superstition, those who have experienced the wrath of Mercury retrograde swear by them.

Just like retrograde is the illusion of going backward, Mercury retrograde especially, is a great time to look back and reflect on the past. If there’s anything you haven’t dealt with or have put off, then Mercury retrograde is the time to face it head-on before going direct again! And if you don’t, then it’s sure to make itself known, usually with stronger energy than ever before… which is where Mercury retrograde gets its ominous and powerful reputation.

Relationships and technology

How Often is Mercury Retrograde? 

Typically, Mercury goes retrograde approximately 3-4 times per year for about 2.5 weeks at a time. There are 2 weeks of a pre-shadow period where the collective could start to feel the effects of the upcoming retrograde, and there are 2 weeks of a post-shadow period where the collective could be wrapping up from anything that transpired during the retrograde period.

In 2024, we will have 3 Mercury retrogrades: 

  • April 1st- April 24th
  • August 5th- August 27th
  • November 25th- December 15th

How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

If you start to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde, then the best way to handle it is to pause, reflect, ground, and regroup. Your computer could freeze up, websites could shut down, you could have car problems, or get into an argument with someone… So if anything like this happens to you, then first take a step back and realize the energy that is at play. If you’re able to get outside and into nature, take the opportunity to ground yourself by taking a walk, practicing meditation, or doing some simple breathing exercises. 

Once you’ve had time to ground yourself, then you can regroup by planning your next steps with a clearer head. And that is ultimately what Mercury retrograde wants you to do: to take the time to deal with what you haven’t dealt with previously. If you don’t do it willingly, Mercury Retrograde will make sure to do it for you. 

Abi Wright

Abi Wright is an award-winning Canna-Leader, Natural Healer, and Tarot Reader known as The Cannastrologer. 

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