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Michigan’s NOBO Wants No Boundaries

By Sensi Staff
Cannabis pre-rolls by NOBO
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The cannabis community is a family that was born from the decades-long struggle to destigmatize and, ultimately, legalize the plant. In Michigan, with its deep Midwestern roots, that commitment to each other is ingrained in our identity. It’s a feeling that flows through our veins. So, it is a pleasure when a business that understands this philosophy succeeds here. NOBO, which is short for no boundaries, is one such entity in the cannabis space, and you should search it out.

From the moment NOBO opened its first dispensary in Edwardsburg, its focus has been to reach out to its local neighbors and community. Part of that is due to NOBO’s commitment to remove the stigma that still can hover over cannabis. The other is to help bring new industries in that can economically help. Yes, NOBO dispensaries might sell some of the best cannabis in the state, but they also are your neighbors.


A vertically integrated business, NOBO now operates four dispensaries located in Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, Edwardsburg, and Muskegon, along with its own grow and production facilities. That means NOBO is paying taxes and working with local leaders to ensure that it contributes in a meaningful manner every day. NOBO provides sustainability, employee growth, and excellent benefits packages to ensure its teams stay healthy.

One area of pride for NOBO is its numerous partnerships with area charities and nonprofits. From drives to collect much-needed supplies for families in need to fundraisers, the folks at NOBO are always willing to lend a helping hand.

“We knew from day one that the only way that we succeed is if the community surrounding us does too,” says Daniel Paul, VP of marketing at NOBO. “That has been our driving message both inside our four walls and outside, where we actively reach out. By providing high-quality cannabis and compassion, we think that we are just what is needed these days.”

Best of all, NOBO’s cannabis blends offer consumers some of the best flower, vape cartridges, and gummies in Michigan. The next time you are heading out for some product, look up your partners in the Michigan cannabis community, NOBO.

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