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DŌSD is Set for Market Expansion

Nano Bites are providing relief to a large segment of the population that has trouble breaking down or absorbing cannabinoids...
By Sensi Staff
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DŌSD Nano Bites are making a significant splash within the edible world. As quite possibly the most underrated and overlooked edible on the market, this Colorado-bred gummy offers its users proven, fast-acting results with flavor and consistency reminiscent of your favorite grocery store gummy – you know, those bright worms and bears. Their Blue Raspberry Nano Bites have a cult-like following in Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma for good reason. This particular flavor just swept the 2022 Food Fight edible competition in Colorado, receiving the highest score in the gummy category as well as the highest overall score of any edible, including chocolates, sweets, beverages, gummies, and more. Pretty impressive, to say the least.

Why are they becoming so popular? The reason is simple: science. Nano Bites are providing relief to a large segment of the population that has trouble breaking down or absorbing cannabinoids. This is where the water-soluble (or Nano) technology from Nano Bites really shines. By bypassing the traditional pathway through the stomach and liver that other edibles are forced to follow, they begin to go to work the moment they hit your mouth. In fact, you don’t even have to fully ingest a Nano Bite to feel its effects. Don’t believe us? Chew or suck on the gummy for a while, then take it out. Within 15-20 minutes of popping one in your mouth, you’ll be in your happy place.

What’s on the horizon for this brand? We reached out to their team to get the skinny. Although we can’t spill the beans on everything, they did confirm the launch of several unique flavors and cannabinoid ratios, along with other products that include outside-the-box ingredients.

“We are carefully listening to feedback from consumers in all markets, and plan to introduce several innovative products in the very near future based on this feedback,” says Kyle Williams of Brand Development for DŌSD.

Regardless of what legal or medical state you reside in, you’ll be seeing more of the iconic DŌSD “eye” in the near future.

DŌSD Nano Bites