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NORCAL: Plant-Based Kicks

By Sensi Staff
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Here’s a dirty secret: your favorite footwear is (probably) bad for the planet. Many kicks are made of unrecyclable plastic that eventually ends up in a landfill, and big footwear factories tend to pay their employees terribly. But cannabis-industry expert Peter Holzworth is looking to change all of that with his new brand, Fly Soul Shoes

The company’s stylish, artisanal shoes are made of strong, recyclable jute fibers and modeled after the bright colors and vibrant culture of Tepotzlán, Mexico. Holzworth established a relationship with a third-generation family of cobblers to create and build Fly Soul Shoes and pays each employee a living wage. Fly Soul next plans to launch a 100 percent hemp shoe that’s completely biodegradable and recyclable. From there, Holzworth plans to expand into hemp belts, accessories, dog collars, and leashes.