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These Colorful Smoking Collectibles By Edie Parker Are Inspired By Mid-Century Design

By Sensi Staff
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The first brand to fully merge the worlds of fashion and flower, Flower by Edie Parker is the line of cannabis and smoking accessories that portray the same clever, fashion-forward wit as its namesake Edie Parker—the accessories brand known for its signature acrylic clutch handbags. (We’re partial to a pink one emblazoned with a cursive “weed” in big, bold letters—subtlety is overrated.) 

“Edie Parker is all about surprising and delighting and displaying your accessories—showing them off, whether it’s a handbag or an ashtray,” says Edie Parker’s founder Brett Hayworth. Under her direction, Edie Parker was among the first fashion brands in the cannabis industry, launching Flower by Edie Parker in early 2019 not just as a cannabis-adjacent accessories line but as an actual cannabis line, with Edie Parker Flower THC products available in California and Colorado (Michigan and Massachusetts on the way). 

The progression into cannabis came naturally for the Edie Parker team. Riding the high of the successful launch of Edie Parker’s home collection in 2016, the small, all-female team knew there was still so much more they could do. The fashionable team with refined-yet-playful sensibilities began talking about “the lack of considered—and frankly pretty—cannabis accessories,” Hayworth shares. “Everything in our experience has been either something you buy in a headshop or something extremely masculine, or something that felt very medicinal or like things you hide away in your drawer.”

The line is cheeky in the best of ways, with nary a fan leaf marring any of the designs. “We’re accessory designers,” Heyman laughs. “We would never do something that obvious. We are used to marketing products that can infer something, and you know what it’s for, you know it’s end use, but it doesn’t have to be hitting you over the head.” (The limited-edition “This is How I Roll” t-shirt collection that dropped earlier this year exemplifies this sentiment. See the one picturing two fried eggs and the phrase “these are your boobs on drugs” for proof.)

Elsewhere in the very giftable Flower by Edie Parker line are stash jars, hard-edge lighters, grinders, rolling trays, joint clips, doob tubes (“supHerb storage containers”), “Weedie Parker” smell-proof stash bags, and a bunch of other colorful covetables. Like the best-selling Flower Rolling Papers ($10), printed with a bunch of green flowers, a petal pipe that comes in the prettiest colors making it the perfect as a tabletop ornament and even better as a smoking glass. The colorblocked acrylic storage case with three compartments keeps all your essentials safe and sound until you’re ready to spark it up. (A friendly flower tip from the friendly Edie Parker Flower team: for a good time, leave yourself a pre-rolled present for a mid-week pick-me-up.) But the item we covet the most are the tabletop lighters, which start at $450 and come nestled inside their own ashtrays—because that’s how they roll. 

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